The Pinoy's Possible Views of Valid Criticism?

One of the worst traits of Pinoys is when they can't accept any valid criticism at all.  Like it, almost everyone doesn't want to accept their wrong, they want to be always right but... as said, we are after all pattered as flawed human beings.  But the problem of the Pinoy is their utter view of "I"m always right!" is one of the biggest problems of the country towards reaching progress.

The Viraliano Aguirre view of criticism which is just a term I invented myself though I am no psychiatrist.  If you don't like it, remain silent and close your ears for all you care then make a bravado speech when you are being scolded.  That's what Viraliano Aguirre did when Miriam lectured the prosecution panel about their lack of discretion in handling the impeachment trial.  The statement, "In my forty years of practice, this is the first time I've heard a judge lecture lawyers." is B.S. because one, don't judges lecture lawyers?  Don't tell me every briefing is not a lecture?  I know Miriam should have avoided the "gago" word no matter how angry she was but Aguirre obviously shown he wasn't willing to listen.  In short, he doesn't want to listen to his mistakes.  Maybe he thought that the prosecution was doing a good job in its "Pwede Na Yan" mentality.  I know Miriam has a bad temper and needs to control it but as said, if you don't like what the judge is doing, move out of the courtroom with permission!  But sometimes it's best to block off harsh critics because they don't offer anything useful at all and are poor respondents of valid criticism themselves.

The idea that criticism is like shooting your own head with a gun is another possible view.  I don't know what episode in Doraemon is that episode where Nobita tries to shoot himself (or does he) but the real life President Nobita may view any criticism of his poor performance as the same way the cartoon Nobita views it.  For him aside from Pwede Na Yan, he actually may view constructive criticism as "a bullet waiting to hit his brain".  Sadly some of the provisions of the proposed anti-cybercrime law on the "libel clause" has to be removed because it's unreasonable.  Certainly hacking and stalking should be punished... but to lock up a person for giving valid feedback is just plain stupid. Then again doesn't the Pinoy view constructive criticism as something that

Apparently this kind of stupidity is taken from the viewing high of Muricans as the greatest race on Earth.  And a lot of Pinoys have gotten bad traits like arrogance, self-centeredness, hedonistic view of life and being spendthrift from the Murican way of living.