Some Common Bad Traits Between Pinoys and Muricans

Apparently Pinoys and Muricans have a lot of bad traits in common.  With the allegation that the Murican adult is dumber than most adults, I guess it's no wonder why the typical Filipino is dragged down in the process.  Now to list them down:

Declaring heroes out of disrespect.  Get Real Philippines compared the situation of Viraliano Aguirre to Steven Slater in this article.  During the Jetblue flight incident, some hailed Steven Slater as a hero for "standing up against bullies".  What went wrong was that what he did jeopardized airline safety, he could have just reported the bully passenger to the management so the person could be banned.  But no, he pulled out a publicity stunt that deserves him to be jailed yet many Americans made him a hero.  Later the same happened during hte impeachment trial when Viraliano Aguirre decided to show the court he wasn't willing to listen to Miriam's tirades... which were against the incompetence of the prosecutors in doing their jobs.  He even dare says no judge lectures a lawyer.  No professional lawyer should do that and two, where on Earth is he living?  No judge lectures lawyers?  That's absolute trash!

Governments pleading for their people who have broken the law or did something punishment worthy in another country.  From the Michael Fay incident to the Flor Contemplacion hanging (which had a three year investigation and its account was fabricated in the Flor Contemplacion Story), or also past few years the pleading for the drug mules.  The problem with Muricans and Pinoys is that they think they are the greatest race.  They think every guilty Murican or every guilty Pinoy must be innocent.  From the pleading for Michael Fay to Flor Contemplacion, you do the crime, you do the time.

The culture of overspending sprang from either euphoria (wanting to be in an eternal state of bliss), materialism and other reasons.  A friend of mine told me that Muricans are overspenders.  They can't afford something, loan and/or charge to credit card, get it now and then not pay the loan at all.  No wonder today America is full of loan problems and now they owe China the dragon a lot of money!  For the Pinoy, they want to always celebrate and have a good time and if they lack money, they will owe people lots of money and like the Murican, not pay for it at all.  One may also think of how some Pinoys bought the high class tickets of One Direction from borrowing someone else's cash in contrast to others were able to buy it because they had tons of cash.

Love for the overacting culture in the entertainment media.  One of the reasons why I ended up disliking to hating the Miley era of Disney is how Disney girls during that era are just plain obnoxious to the point Nickelodeon's Patrick Star is more tolerable to be with.  Justin Bieber is another... maybe after than Pacquiao incident, he's still famous to Pinoys and to Muricans.

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  1. When it comes to their government, I'd say they both have gun ban laws. Another is that they have both tried to curtail internet access (SOPA, PIPA, and Cybercrime Law). And most of all, they favor a welfare state...


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