My First Crush Doesn't Quite Fit In Like Belle?

I just remembered the lyrics of "Little Town" which says that Belle doesn't quite fit in and which made me think why my first crush is still single in spite of having lots of suitors.  Like Belle, she was mostly with the nose stuck in a book personality.

Which I thought my first crush was the overly diligent type which made me think... a girl with her personality is a rare catch though I'm probably still obsessed over that Bea Saw lookalike who has the "Belle complex" over this girl but I guess she will still do.  Although in my case with my first crush, I did admire her simpler outlook in life aside from her appearance.  The attraction though was based on the fact she was a gentle person compared to my bad temper which is a very weird attraction.  She was typically more inclined to be different like I am.  So what she's the one for me?