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So Toei Took Ideas From American Shows?

I just remembered the time I was shocked to learn that Toei created its own version of Spiderman with permission from Marvel. Stan Lee was really impressed and now it's time to look at the meme that has them saying, "Our grandfathers have fought together." Speaking of Toei's own Tokusatsu version of Spiderman, it wasn't all that surprising Toei would later take more ideas from America too.
Robocop's success would soon create spin-offs not in the land of his origin but in the land of Japan. Jiban was created as a monster-slaying Robocop in 1989 and in 1993, Japan created its own fully mechanical version of Robocop in Janperson. Carranger ended up having its Robocop-type character known as Signalman who was later turned into Blue Senturion for Power Rangers Turbo. Yes, Robocop came first and ended up inspiring Toei to create shows based on an American superhero.
And who can't forget Powerpuff Girls Z? Instead of three laboratory accidents turned into adora…

Relax, The Turkey Isn't Torin From Kyoryuger!

This Kyoryuger or Dino Charge picture from the Monkie Grid tells us that Torin didn't make it, he became stuffed turkey? Nah, Torin was way too huge and that turkey there is a regular sized turkey. So don't worry, he's still around.

Since When Has Liking Power Rangers Been A Criminal Offense?

Looking at this picture, I can understand why the thief and the rapist are getting beaten up. But the Power Rangers fan? Come on, why are there people beating him up for SIMPLY being a Power Rangers fan and two, since when was that a criminal offense that everyone must beat him or her up? It's not even a criminal offense.
I'm afraid that whoever made this meme and those who are supporting it are really so shallow-minded they fail to see the much bigger issues in life. What is more stupid is that most of them are already adults. I may dislike Power Rangers (and I still do) but I know that the whole franchise' existence is necessary because without it, Toei will never be able to hit American shores and get a new target market.
With the statement somebody made that he's sure that the Super Sentai cast members hate the Power Rangers cast members, I really DARE HIM to gather more evidence considering that statement is just plain preposterous. I can't be too sure of the…

Gracie Dzienny's Blooming At 20 Years Old

Well it's been some time since Supah Ninjas from a cute teenager to a full grown gorgeous adult woman. She really looks pretty in here and I think she almost looks like a younger Pamela Anderson, except she's naturally blonde and the latter is a brunette who dyed her hair. 

Just for a bit of comparison... Gracie in her teen years compared to Pamela Anderson as a teenager.

Ciara Hanna Picture For November 17, 2015

Well here's Ciara Hanna dressed up like Trini but I still feel some tears whenever I think of that tragic day she left us so soon...

Still Having Fond Memories of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Season One?

A lot had happened within the span of 20 years and even if my memory of Mighty Morphin' is blur, or the sad fact that Thuy Trang bit the dust so soon but there are times I still feel the desire to watch the first season of Mighty Morphin'. Now I may like Zyuranger better but I still can enjoy watching Power Rangers (some seasons) and still be entertained by it. I may have my comments like, "Well, Power Rangers isn't really my cup of tea but I can still enjoy it.  I see why people like it."
Watching their stage shows, I still think Toei never made the mistake in giving Saban the rights in a business perspective.
Time does fly fast and it does. Though I have to admit, I find it funny that Reiko Chiba had somehow aged faster than Amy Jo Johnson because of the age. I mean, Amy Jo is 45, Reiko Chiba is 40 and also, Amy Jo had more projects, Reiko didn't have that much. But still, a lot of fans owe both ladies for their performances and doing their best to do thei…

It's Time For Some Yummy Enchilada!

Here's a picture of the delicious Mexican food called Enchilada. It's a tortilla meal filled with a combination of meat, vegetables and cheese as "default filling". After the tortilla is prepared, it is sauced with chili sauce and it's usually served with Mexican rice and refried beans. Why I like this food is because for one, I love strong flavors in cuisine.
There are many ways that enchilada can be prepared though I am more familiar with the different sauces that are served with it. In some restaurants, you may choose the fillings or the type of sauce. There is the red chili sauce and the green chili sauce. The fillings usually have vegetables and meat. Some restaurants give you a choice between chicken, beef and pork. Beef is my favorite and I have tried the green sauce but I am yet to try the red sauce which I believe is spicier than the green sauce.