Since When Has Liking Power Rangers Been A Criminal Offense?

Looking at this picture, I can understand why the thief and the rapist are getting beaten up. But the Power Rangers fan? Come on, why are there people beating him up for SIMPLY being a Power Rangers fan and two, since when was that a criminal offense that everyone must beat him or her up? It's not even a criminal offense.

I'm afraid that Super Sentai purists are really so shallow-minded they fail to see the much bigger issues in life. What is more stupid is that most of them are already adults. I may not really be big into Power Rangers but I know that the whole franchise' existence is necessary because without it, Toei will never be able to hit American shores and get a new target market.

With the statement somebody made that he's sure that the Super Sentai cast members hate the Power Rangers cast members, I really DARE HIM to gather more evidence considering that statement is just plain preposterous. I can't be too sure of the outcome but I assume he'd probably be humiliated.


  1. Ok let's see here, a TROLL who is an actual point misser. And do you think that picture is a harmless joke? A Sentai purist who hates PR with a passion did that.

    Face it, son. If someone here should seek Dr. Phil, it's you, you hypocritical racist prick.

    1. I deleted the comment that you responded to. I do agree that there's nothing harmless with that picture. People tend to hurt each other for very stupid reasons.


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