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Four Reasons Why Being in Politics is More Fun in the Philippines!

President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuanco Aquino says it all!

Philippine politics has gone downhill from the time of Marcos down to Nobita.  Sad to say that even with President Nobita's term as president until 2016... the problem is that political dynasties still exist.  While the 1987 Constitution SHOULD remove the protectionism policy, it must also enforce the Anti-Political Dynasty law.  It's already causing trouble to the Philippines.

Now why do political dynasties exist?  There are many reasons but here are a few reasons and it DOES NOT take a genius to understand this:

Bum Aquino's eloquence deceives the simple-minded!

1.) Voters are easily carried away by fair speeches and campaigns

The poster above of Bam Aquino spells it out right.  All who believed his "sweatless labor" are indeed deemed as "Bobo Ang Maniniwala"... or "The Idiot Believes" because HOW CAN ANYONE WORK UNDER THE HEAT OF THE SUN AND NOT HAVE A SINGLE BEAD OF SWE…

Satirical News: China's President Xi Jinping Prepares Philippine VP-Jejemon Bitay's Travel Ban on China for 2016!

China still considers him a nuisance!

The Chinese presidency could not forget Jejemon Bitay's appeal to save the lives of Elizabeth Bitayin, Ramon Non-Credo and Sally Violationa.  The three drug mules were convicted anyway in spite of Philippine VP-Jejemon Bitay's pleading ofr their lives.  After President Nobita was barred from entering China until term is over, Jejemon Bitay's travel ban was extended.

President Xi Jinping had earlier met with President Nobita in Indonesia had said, "Well President Nobita may get his ban prematurely lifted.  After all, he gave in to the conditions that we gave that unless he stops his candidacy, we will definitely attack Imperial Manila.  General Damulag's forces are still in the South China Sea, stationed at Spratlys.  Our concern is that Jejemon Bitay may become President of the Philippines by 2016.  President Nobita's ban was conditioned to be lifted when he is no longer in office.  Since it looks like Jejemon Bitay will b…

Vanessa Hessler Pictures for November 26, 2014

Time for a bit of eye candy to relax myself...
She's really gorgeous!
What a gorgeous sight!

Jokes About the Presidents: It's More Fun in the Philippines!

One of the biggest features that should really be more fun in the Philippines is to MAKE FUN of President Nobita Aquino.  Why is that?  One may consider these reasons to be why it's more fun to make fun of the Presidents:

Sherap Estrada- the trend start that made presidential jokes more fun in the Philippines!

The trend of "Jokes About Presidents: It's More Fun in the Philippines" started on 1998 when Sherap Estrada became President.  Somehow I couldn't forget how stupid he really was.  The Cory to Ramos administration would have helped but this guy BUNGLES EVERYTHING AND DOESN'T MAKE AN EFFORT TO FIX ANY WRONG HE'S DONE!!!  I really hate to admit it but Sherap himself as a president really lacked common sense.  Now some College dropouts are successful businessmen but he is NOT one of them. Given he was a good mayor for San Juan but his legacy began a legacy of STUPIDITY AND CORRUPTION.

Even when he was newly anointed as President of the Philippines, one …

Advertising: The Most Abused and Misused Solution for Philippine Tourism!

I remembered one time when I suggested advertising as the solution to sales... one huge problem I was told was this, "Although advertising is important, you CANNOT deny that it's also abused and misused too many times."  How is that?  I would like to relate it to the tagline "It's More Fun in the Philippines" which was launched four years ago by the Department of Tourism.

Now the tagline is catchy, no questions asked but there's one problem BEHIND it.  Taglines will be defeated by testimonials in the long run.  If you want the taglines to work, remember the four Ps of marketing are Product, Price, Place and Promotion.  It doesn't take a Warren Buffet or a Bill Gates to know those stuff.  Any employee can learn those stuff... I mean Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have their marketing teams under them.

For someone who is a "nobody" like me considering I'm not even a big time businessman, it's learned through experience.  Now let's …

Punching Kill Henares is More Fun in the Philippines!

Above is the fight of Manny Pacquiao today.  What boxing fans saw was the actual fight but what Pacman may have seen is seen in his fight was Bureau of Internal Robbery's Konsumisyoner, Kill Henares.  It's indeed the fight of the century when you think about it... Pacman vs. Kill Henares.  Filipinos NEED to see the truth of what's happening with their tax money with the Nobita Administration- it's being used for the dirty scams such as Disbursement Acceleration Program and Priority Devolvement Acceleration Fund. 
So what can be a fun activity to endorse in the Philippines?  Simple... it's all about PUNCHING THE CRAP OUT OF THAT SWINE KILL HENARES.  Plus, it's not helping that the United Nations is really nothing more than a body of incompetence.  Only a real idiot would think President Nobita's administration is a global model for fighting corruption, that 60/40 not being removed and everything that the Philippines needs to improve. The United Nations cont…

Pinoy Pridists Have No Right To Claim the Success of Pinoy Achievers!

Today is indeed the big day for Manny Pacquiao.  Now I'm not a fan of Pacquiao (or boxing in general) but one thing is certain, there will be a lot of Pinoys who treat it like a big deal WHENEVER there is a Pinoy athlete who is going to compete abroad.  What is worse is that thse Pinoy Pridists have the tendency to force you to support Manny Pacquiao or ANYONE just because they are Filipino.

Let me get this straight... there is NOTHING wrong with anybody being proud of the countryman.  What is wrong is when these Pinoy Pridists use the achievements of successful Pinoys to gloat they are the best race on Earth and claim it collectively for the nation.  Why is that wrong?  The achievement of successful Pinoys is theirs and theirs alone.  To claim the success of another person can be considered as plagiarism and not to mention FREE RIDING!

The free riding on the success of a fellow Pinoy just drives a lot of Pinoys to be lazy and indifferent.  The reason behind the indifference and l…

Looks Like Hong Kong Hasn't Forgotten About the Rolando Mendoza Incident!

Just do us all a favor and shoot yourself, just make sure the gun is loaded!

While reading the news today from GMA News, while it was certainly rude to shout at President Nobita, nobody can forget the tragedy that was the Rolando Mendoza Incident.  For the Philippine-hosted APEC, one cannot deny this, Hong Kong hasn't forgotten about the terrible neglect of President Nobita.

One may consider in spite of the lack of respect of the Hong Kong reporters, some questions were really raised that REALLY had meat.  First, he was asked would he meet CY Leung.  Second, why isn't he responding to Hong Kong officials.  Third, he is asked whether or not he will apologize.  Now it was rude to shout, no questions asked but I may have committed the same mistake if I were in their place.  My relatives in Hong Kong though they weren't on that bus, still cannot forget that dreadful incident.  I guess I did have distant relatives there or were they friends of my Chinese relatives?  I'm no…

Learning About Three Other Safer Methods of Investing Money in the Banks

Stocks certainly have high yields but have high risks.  During the time I wanted to invest in stocks, the bank said, "Sir, you should only invest in stocks if you really have lots of money.  Other than that, you might as well want to try other safer means of earning money.  Then again, somebody may suggest to buy low price stocks and only a certain amount, then sell them later.

It's like my mistake of allowing a huge purchase in credit hoping for high returns, only to be defeated by my own foolishness.  As said, in life you can never say you will never stumble down.  I'd like to talk about my modest knowledge of safer investments based on my experience.  Banks earn money by gaining interest from loaning the money to others.  The money you deposit is loaned to the bank, the bank loans it to others thus creating a cycle of interest.

1.) Time deposit
Money is being locked up in the bank, with a higher interest rate than savings account.  A minimum of PHP 10,000.00 is set.  …

President Nobita Aquino SHOULD Try to Implement Certain Singapore-Style Policies Before He Retires by 2016!

Now it's a good thing that President Nobita Aquino went to Singapore for economic reasons.  Some firms from Indonesia even want to also invest in the Philippines.

However, the Philippines can actually get away from being a 2.5 world country (I mean, I'd rather be in the Philippines than Bangladesh or most South American countries worse in the Philippines) to a 2nd world or 1.5 world if it does the following:

1.) Be more strict with some rules.  

Foreigners would invest in places like Cebu, Iloilo, Bohol and Bacolod because they are orderly.  But what about Manila?  Frequent traffic, port congestion, high crime rates and so on makes it not feasible to do business in the Philippines.  Rules like throwing garbage anywhere, getting rid of squatters and so on should be done to make non-feasible areas of the Philippines... feasible.

2.) Allow higher degrees of foreign ownership

60/40 can be very discouraging.  It's about time to givea  50/50 and higher degree, maybe 80% as the hi…

Why Saying "It's Just a Degree" Isn't Always True

One of the things one can say about College education is that, "It's always just a degree."  But how true is is it?  For one, you can name some people who dropped out and succeeded.  But not all dropouts are successes.  On the other hand, some people have a modest education, others don't.  It's a case to case basis.

Now why is the statement "It's just a degree." not always true?  Let's take a look at these professions that require a degree:

When you need a construction project done, remember your engineer and your architect has a degree.

Not anyone can be an engineer.  If you ask me, becoming an engineer is not an easy feat.  It takes people with good technical skills and adept Math skills.  You cannot just design your own complex house and let it stand.  It takes a good architect and a good engineer to get a job done.

When you get sick, remember your doctor has a degree.

Becoming a doctor is a life/death situation and not everyone can handle it…

I'm Trying to Buy a Reasonably Priced Samsung Tablet...

Well I'm now canvassing to buy a Samsung Tablet and I would like to examine my possible choices.  Considering I am a budget buyer, I would try to make sure none of my purchases are that expensive so I've narrowed down to these choices:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite T110- Its specs are 7 inch, 170 ppi pixel density and 1.2 GHZ, 1 GB, 8 GB but I want one with a front camera.  It costs PHP 5,580.00.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 T2100 - WiFi- It is a 7 inch tablet with a resolution of 1024 x 600... it was 1.2 GHZ, 1 GB, 8 GB memory.  It has a front camera though I want a black colored one.  It costs PHP 7,180.00.  So far in terms of price and GHZ this seems to be my ideal one including its resolution.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3110 8GB-  It is a 7 inch, 1 GHZ, 1 GB, 8 GB.  It costs PHP 8,499.00.

Why I Tend to Loathe Myself...

One thing or another, I am so prone to loathing myself.  It's a huge problem that I am suffering right now because I never did well in school after the first grade, I failed in my attempt to become the world's greatest genius, I was always defeated by those snobs, I was having a difficult time in academics as a teenager... and all these made me create a mask of insecurity.  Yes, a mask of insecurity wanting to hide who I really am, treating like as if it were a deep dark secret.  And I was even thinking that only if I had the perfect brain, I could become better.  So I ended up pretending to be a know-it-all because I know I could never achieve the perfect brain nor in reality, turn myself into a cyborg or even a complete machine.  It's just all science fiction!

All that caused me to develop an inferiority complex because my arch-rival who is now a bum, always beat me down.  Sometimes I even imagine he's there, successful and I'm not.  Having an emotionally rough c…

Vanessa Hessler Picture for November 16, 2014

Well here she is, Vanessa Hessler looking pretty gorgeous.  I just need to fill my mind with pleasant thoughts as of right now rather than focus too much on the negatives!

The Nobita Presidency: Nothing More than Ruling the Philippines in Childish Vindictiveness!

I really hate to think of how President Nobita could say he has no time to go to Tacloban BUT he has the audactiy to attend the marriage of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera.  Now what's practically wrong with that?  It's like a childish thing to do like... some idiot who would skip her job, file a sick leave to attend the Rurouni Kenshin - Kyoto Inferno event but his is much worse... the idiot can just be admonished but his is obvious neglect of lives.  And what do I think of that?  Somehow I think that President Nobita has the mentality of a child who wants to get even with everyone who had made his childhood miserable.  In fact, I even think has he been watching too much TV anyone?

So why did I bring up Tacloban?  It' simple.  Imelda Romualdez Macoy's nephew is the mayor.  Now I don't condone to all the horrible things that the Macoy Administration did during the martial law.. as there are five pernicious myths about Ferdinand Macoy.  Also, I wouldn't want…

My Struggle with Perfectionism is Never Easy

I hate to admit it but although I don't fret these days over losing in competitions but I tend to struggle with perfectionism.  I mean, at seven or eight years old, I was trying to achieve the "greatest IQ in history" and wanting to become the world's greatest genius in history.  Some of my craziest dreams even included rebuilding my body into a completely mechanical one, trying to become a lot less emotional, only brain ticking... and to become the world's greatest genius in human history.  I was in fact, trying to become the perfect genius and to outwit everyone, from my peers to the rest of the world as the world's greatest genius.
The problem really didn't end at childhood and I find myself still struggling with perfectionism.  My obsession with perfectionism has only led to this... disappointments, crossing towards the opposite extreme of laziness (which happened to me at age nine) and everything was just crazy.  I would admit that my struggle for pe…

Something I Can't Deny... Studious Girls with a Certain Degree of Attractiveness Tend to Get My Attention the Most!

While I was evaluating some of my better infatuations like some girl who looks like Sayuri Uchida, my former infatuation who looks like Haruka Suenaga and my half-Swiss friend were all studious girls.  Heck, even my so-called first crush and my real first crush were all studious girls.  So what do I like about studious girls?  It's simple... there is always a brain behind a man... most great men had their wives helping them either openly or not.

So I'd like to talk about a bit of my so-called first crush and my real first crush.  For my so-called first crush, she was a very studious girl who I finally realized, I did have some feelings for her.  For my real first crush, she was studious bookworm like Belle was in Beauty and hte Beast and I soon had a habit of falling for near-sighted girls at the same time... which was unusual to why I even fell for my high school stalker.

The attraction type led me to further attractions.  In high school while I did like my ex-girlfriend but…

Five Reasons Why the Failipino Value of the Victim Card Mentality Won't Help the Philippines!

One of the biggest vices that humanity has produced is the Victim Card Mentality.  Sad to say but the Victim Card Mentality is so easily associated with the Pinoy in general whether they be Failipinos or the enlightened Pinoy.  Now let's take a look at the many years how the Victim Card Mentality isn't helping the Philippines.

Like it or not, nobody is always right, nobody is always wrong either.  We have to help each other by pointing out our mistakes.  We correct and must be corrected.  But the Victim Card mentality means, "I am the victim therefore, I am always right!"

Here are five reasons I can name why the victim card mentality won't help the Philippines:

Either Filipino Entertainment Must Innovate or Be Doomed to Become Failipino Entertainment!

Before anyone can smash on my face the expression "Entertainment - It's More Fun in the Philippines" I would like to address the reality of how Filipino entertainment is in general.  Sad to say but a lot of things Filipino are better called Failipino than anything that can be called Filipino.  I know this is offensive but this has to be written.  In a world that completes internationally, you cannot ignore the fact that either you become competitive or be destroyed by competition.

So what's really wrong with Failipino entertainment?  As of late, it's annoying to think how the Philippine entertainment industry is such a SORE LOSER.  One time, they even wanted to remove the rights of Filipinos from bringing copyrighted materials abroad... while hypocritically wanting others to recognize them.  That's just stupid, very stupid indeed as it removes the cycle of give and take.  Now I'd like to even address some things that happened:

From the One Direction tick…

Bulalo: Another Delicious Filipino Dish Worth Trying!

Bulalo itself refers to "beef kneecap" which one needs a really good cut to make this really delicious Filipino dish.  The secret behind a good broth is not only the quality of the cut but also, one must consider the timing of everything, ingredients and so on.  In short, this broth is a tricky one if you want to make the best you can.

So the best method to prepare this is using the pressure cooker to prepare the broth overnight.  For a restaurant owner, he might as well consider the sacrifice of paying higher electric bills to make the quality broth... which may give higher returns because of such a good tasting broth.  Adding the seasonings like salt, pepper and garlic can be done as part of the cooking process to let the broth simmer.  What is best is that, the meat must be tenderized and the tendons look like they are about to fall off.  Also, it must be slow cooked to slowly release the flavor into the soup itself.

One tip you may want to make sure is this... if you re…

My Unique Adventure With Delicious Korean Food

Korean food is one of the hardest food to catch depending on what area you are in.  Now while I do have some problem with Korean tourists (but some are actually nice but it's hard to run into one)... I would like to talk about my adventures with Korean food. This is me also inviting Koreans to try out some delicious Filipino food in these places.

Here's a few that I can name that have their unique taste and is a must try:

Topoki is made from sticky rice, formed into dough and it's usually cooked into foods.  It has the chewy texture that is added into some dishes. I enjoy topoki the most when it's cooked with spicy food.

Another of my favorite Korean foods is Kimchee which is pickled Napa cabbage or Chinese cabbage. It is an appetizer that is for spicy food lovers.

Why the Enlightened Pinoys Not Failipinos Are Those Who Truly Love the Philippines!

Failipinos claims that they love their country, they love everything associated with the country but in the reality, they hate their country without knowing it.  On the other hand, who are those who truly love the Philippines?  Simple we have the enlightened Pinoy as those who truly love the Philippines.  They are the true patriots of the country.

There is the statement, "You can always rebuke without loving but you can never love without rebuking."  A true patriot of the Philippines does not want the dysfunctional Failipino culture to stay in the country nor say, "Well that's what makes life worth living in the Philippines.  It's more fun in the Philippines if our culture stays that way."  They desire to fight for the culture that is destroying the country.  They are like the American Founding Fathers or a group of Jose Rizals... they are those who want to fight to eliminate what is bringing the Philippines down.  They are not afraid to point out what soc…

Falling For Another Girl While Looking For My First Crush

One thing was certain that I was looking for my first crush all that while, no not my so-called first crush but my real first crush when my heart started to guide some crazy compass in me.  I was urged to look for my first crush but instead, found another girl in the process.  So I was whining about what if my former best friend was having my so-called first crush... the more I ventured into life, the more I realized I was looking for somebody else after my break-up which didn't hurt me that much either.  But I was urged to find my real first crush, hoping to be reunited with her which had a rather unusual outtake.

So I met some pretty girl when I was 19 years old and looking for my real first crush.  Then I saw a pretty half-Swiss girl who I seldom want to call from Pamela Anderson lookalike to Amy Jo Johnson lookalike, actually she's a mixture in a way.  I thought if she could be truly my first crush or not.  Then the more I started to familiarize with her, the more I reali…

Satirical News: Toei Ltd. and Saban Brands Form First Original Production Called "B.S. Man"

Believe it or not, Toei Ltd. and Saban Brands have agreed to form a parody series called "B.S. Man". Toei Ltd. after hearing of the new Failipino superhero Pinoy Rider, they have decided to retaliate a mockery of epic proportions. They have also gotten Haim Saban's assistance. Certain directors, producers and writers from both Toei Ltd. and Saban Brands are requested to collaborate to create the parody series called "B.S. Man".

Yuusuke Okada the CEO of Toei Entertainment Ltd. had agreed to meet Haim Saban of Saban Brands at the pastry shop in Tokyo. Haim Saban was last seen imitating Kougami from Kamen Rider OOO singing "Happy Birthday" where he purposely baked some chocolate cake that was not well-shaped to promote the new parody series called "B.S. Man"

"To be honest, I find Pinoy Rider offensive!" said Yuusuke Okada. Haim Saban admits that Saban's Masked Rider was a failure, a decision to why he decided to cancel Power Rid…

Why I Believe The Tagline "It's More Fun in the Philippines" is KILLING the Philippines as a Whole!!!!

I'm already sick and tired of people who question my marketing knowledge whenever I go against the B.S. slogan that's dragging the Philippines down.  Now for one, marketing is needed but I don't want to promote any garbage product.  You need an attractive tagline... no questions asked about that fact BUT what kind of attractive tagline is needed.  Sure I would be willing to promote the Philippines' tourist spots like Cebu as the business capital, Bohol is also a very good place to be, Siargao Islands is a fun place to surf... but please DO NOT exaggerate any claims.  One must remember that taglines aren't as effective as testimonials.

So why do I believe that the tagline "It's More Fun in the Philippines" is killing the Philippines?  The fact is simple as I've said taglines aren't as effective as testimonials.  One may consider that marketing is needed but one's marketing expenses can go down the drain if your tagline misses the target...…

Tourist Victims in the Philippines Can Certainly Testify That It's Not More Fun in the Philippines!

It irritates me whenever the tagline "It's More Fun in the Philippines" shows up as that tagline has brought down the credibility of the country.  It's common to have that in buses and almost everywhere to stick that sticker but one thing is certain, you CANNOT HIDE any incidents from the very face of the public.
Just think... remember that whether or not a person is intelligent or not is not an issue.  Even a person with a rock bottom intelligence if he or she has common sense will certainly testify something against the Philippines' as being a "more fun place" if something goes wrong.  One can go from a misadventure instead of a vacation, getting conned or worse, a major crime incident.  Now those events happen everywhere in the world but to advertise them as "More Fun in the Philippines" is a huge stupidity that suckers people in the short run, destroys credibility in the long run!

Now let's take a look at these examples... and my favo…

Redefining Hotness in Power Rangers with Ciara Hanna?

It's no secret that I watch Power Rangers Megaforce for Ciara Hanna and I was thinking, man is she really gorgeous. In my case, I do have a fetish for blonde/brunette girls which wasn't that evident with Power Rangers. For MMPR, I didn't find Catherine Sutherland attractive and found Amy Jo Johnson more attractive (so sad to see her leave). And yes, Ciara Hanna plays the role of Gia Moran!

Now the truth is, I normally am not interested with Power Rangers girls since I don't find most of them attractive. For Tori in Ninja Storm, yes she is cute but Nanami in Hurricanger is hotter for me, no questions asked. Kira in Dino Thunder is also pretty (Mr. Smith likes her better) but I kinda like Ranru better. In my case, most of the Super Sentai girls are hotter for me than their Power Rangers counterparts and I did have a change of opinion for some time or not.

For the 90s batch, now I do like Zyuranger better than MMPR for its better storytelling and of course, an explanatio…

Classic Pamela Anderson Pictures for November 9, 2014

Here's some classic Pamela Anderson for today... somehow I'm wanting to get my half-Swiss friend for marriage already...
Here's one of those hot days she had... 
She was a really gorgeous sight to behold!

My Feeling of Amy Jo Johnson Wearing the Pink Ranger Costume Once More!

So how do I feel with Amy Jo Johnson' back at the age of 44?  I would share my feelings on the matter of how popular she was back then... and how the MMPR fanbase was with her.  And how this nostalgic feeling I have with the very character she played as... Kimberly Hart!  So what do I think about this event/  Takes me back to memory lane!

It brings me back to the Kimberly fanbase back when I was a child... how the character sort of broke some racial barriers with her other rangers.  Her best friend was Asian, later she has an African best friend.  I would admit that there were crazy stuff I did like collect those cards out of a crazy mind which I don't think I can truly comprehend why I did them.  I would admit here are some confessions of what I did as a kid.  In my mind for some time, she was the hottest girl among all the Sentai and PR girls and it was hard for me to replace her.

I do feel she is the most overrated Tokusatsu girl back in the 90s or maybe, the effect just d…

My Understanding Why Overseas Failipino Workers Usually Remain Poor

This is in response to Paul Farol to which I will share my experience.  For the Get Real Philippines' version, click here.  Now I would like to send this response to Paul Farol of Get Real Philippines community.  It greatly concerns me as a Filipino-Chinese about my countrymen and to why Filipinos are around the world, not because they are taking over the world but are LOOKING FOR JOBS all over the world.  Overseas Filipino WORKER means that they are under the control of a foreigner.

Now the article I read from Paul Farol and it does include insights.  Let me write my own version which focuses on the Overseas Failipino Workers.  While there are decent Overseas Filipino Workers, they are however frequently overshadowed by the real threat and parasite that is the Overseas Failipino Workers.  Now I have written on how enlightened Pinoys can make a difference in Singapore, now I will talk about how Overseas Failipino Workers to why they remain poor.  I will talk based on my experience…

Ciara Hanna Picture for November 8, 2014

Here's one thing I cannot deny... she's really gorgeous in this hence she is my guilty pleasure of watching Power Rangers Megaforce!

Vanessa Hessler Picture for November 8, 2014

Here's the gorgeous Vanessa Hessler as a beauty by nature... really gorgeous indeed!

Amy Jo Johnson Gets Her Pink Suit!

Here's one one of those moments that your childhood is relieved.  Here's Amy Jo Johnson with her daughter Francesca Ginier.  Looks like we have a little pink ranger on the way!
She's demonstrating her singing skills...
Looks like there's a grand reunion coming!!!!

I Was Once In Love with A Lady Deathstrike!

So one of my better rejections was this... I was in love with a woman who I thought was decent but in reality, she was a real bad girl to the core.  And I would consider this relationship to a relationship with a Lady Deathstrike because she was deadly indeed.  One thing was noteworthy how she was a deadly, manipulative bitch like Aunt Medusa in Rescuers, greedy, materialistic and she also chose to go out with wicked men.  Her greatest game was always her ability to pretend she is a good and innocent girl but she always otherwise had a back-up evil personality.  Plus, she had her own set of guards and I am glad I never got romantic with her.

But this was also the start of a revenge story that really hurt a lot of people involved!  This was also the very time I soon started to want to have my revenge on her by dating better looking girls which started with my ex-girlfriend who was hurt by this particular revenge thread.  For me, I wanted to get even with her because I was maybe, seri…

Five Ways Decent Pinoy Workers Can Stand Out in Singapore!

It's a sad fact to think how easy it is to stereotype the Pinoy in general because of the Failipinos among them.  Now here's what I think that can be done... every decent, enlightened Pinoy in Singapore must really stand out and show Singapore that the real problem are Failipinos, not the Pinoy in general.

The stereotypical Pinoy is a Failipino because of these reasons given by this Filipino born and raised in Singapore (read here):

1.) Having a picnic everywhere they want.

2.) Playing music out loud.

3.) A delusional sense of entitlement.

4.) Overly loud talking in public.

5.) Demanding the whole world to adjust to the Failipino.

So what can decent Pinoy workers do?  Here's some tips to troll those Failipinos without doing anything unethical:

Testimonials Matter More Than Taglines!

In business, it's understandable why there's always a catchy phrase like, "Cebu - The Business Capital of the Philippines" or in my own tagline I might create called "Sean's Steaks - Serving You Delicious Fresh Steaks on Your Plate".  Taglines make it easy to remember a certain product or service.  Now I can go and repeat the same tagline of "It's More Fun in the Philippines" which is catchy but preposterous.  Let's think about how testimonials will matter over taglines:

The problem of the tagline as I said, is it's overly used and abused when there are many taglines that are not misleading yet inviting.  It's very misleading because you are suggesting that the Philippines is the best place on Earth.  The tagline "Yours Truly Singapore" and "Uniquely Singapore" don't brag Singapore to be the best place on Earth.  Even Singapore has its issues... no country is ever spared from issues.  Now here's the …

The Tagline "It's More Fun in the Philippines": Why It's Time to Change It!

People argue and say it is good marketing, it's attractive... however there is still an ethical ground with marketing.  There is also the statement that words are like leaves, it's very rare to find fruit among them.  Now what is wrong with the tagline in itself?  It's a very deceiving tagline... sure it can attract visitors but at the cost of morality and not to mention credibility.  And why the credibility is ruined?
Now let's take a look at some tourist events that happened like the Rolando Mendoza Incident.  I can understand if some Chinese tourists arrive in the Philippines for a vacation.  The Philippines is not a rat hole like Somalia or Bangladesh but unfortunately, the country in itself was already having its own fair share of problems while having some places worth going to like Cebu, Bohol, Bacolod, Iloilo, Davao and Surigao.  To keep putting the tagline in buses, etc. may have ruined the Philippines' credibility.  Certainly if the tagline was there at …