Satirical News: Toei Ltd. and Saban Brands Form First Original Production Called "B.S. Man"

It's a bird, i't s a plane... NO IT'S B.S. MAN!!!!!!!
Believe it or not, Toei Ltd. and Saban Brands have agreed to form a parody series called "B.S. Man". Toei Ltd. after hearing of the new Failipino superhero Pinoy Rider, they have decided to retaliate a mockery of epic proportions. They have also gotten Haim Saban's assistance. Certain directors, producers and writers from both Toei Ltd. and Saban Brands are requested to collaborate to create the parody series called "B.S. Man".

Yuusuke Okada the CEO of Toei Entertainment Ltd. had agreed to meet Haim Saban of Saban Brands at the pastry shop in Tokyo. Haim Saban was last seen imitating Kougami from Kamen Rider OOO singing "Happy Birthday" where he purposely baked some chocolate cake that was not well-shaped to promote the new parody series called "B.S. Man"

"To be honest, I find Pinoy Rider offensive!" said Yuusuke Okada. Haim Saban admits that Saban's Masked Rider was a failure, a decision to why he decided to cancel Power Rider along with Toei. Both sides agreed to make the comedy series called B.S. Man. Although Saban will get involved in some way but it's still mainly a Japanese production. Yutaka Hirose agrees to play B.S. Man to try something different.

The plot of B.S. Man involves an incompetent prime minister of Japan who seeks to "save humanity" from the organization called Universal Karma. Along with B.S. Man are his perverted cousin Bummer (Kohei Murakami), his playgirl sister Crisis (acted by Ayumi Beppu), his best friend Marvel (Osamu Sakuta), his welfare manager Dinky (Atsuko Takahata) and his finance manager Butcher (Jun Yamasaki). Universal Karma's triumvirate is played by Rei Haneo who played as both the Overlord of Darkness and the Overlord of Light. All three members of the triumvirate are responsible for directing karma at mankind. It's up to B.S. Man to try and stop them if he can!


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