Either Filipino Entertainment Must Innovate or Be Doomed to Become Failipino Entertainment!

Before anyone can smash on my face the expression "Entertainment - It's More Fun in the Philippines" I would like to address the reality of how Filipino entertainment is in general.  Sad to say but a lot of things Filipino are better called Failipino than anything that can be called Filipino.  I know this is offensive but this has to be written.  In a world that completes internationally, you cannot ignore the fact that either you become competitive or be destroyed by competition.

So what's really wrong with Failipino entertainment?  As of late, it's annoying to think how the Philippine entertainment industry is such a SORE LOSER.  One time, they even wanted to remove the rights of Filipinos from bringing copyrighted materials abroad... while hypocritically wanting others to recognize them.  That's just stupid, very stupid indeed as it removes the cycle of give and take.  Now I'd like to even address some things that happened:

From the One Direction ticket incident to the Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno crowded events... just think... DO YOU GET LINES THAAAATTTTT LOOOOOONNNNNG when it comes to OPM?  Not so much anymore!  To be honest watching ABiaS-CBN or GMA's self-produced dramas are usually very annoying and repetitive.  Daniel Padilla is NOT even worth your time.  Not that I discredit everything Filipino made but sad to say, a lot of Filipino entertainment is really "baduy" because of its poor performance and execution.  Nothing wrong with copying but to claim it as your own idea is NOT good.

For one, I was even afraid that the Rurouni Kenshin movies events were going to call for another retarded law.  I mean, just think about it... I believe OPM butthurt LOSERS are probably requesting protection (What is new anyway?!) when the One Direction ticket line was much longer than theirs.  People would spend THAT HIGH for a ticket for a concert that's still next year.  And think, somebody even filed a sick leave to attend the Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno event or some may have even cried unable to attend the premiere night and BOO HOO... I guess that NEVER happened for Failipino entertainment?  Sheesh, STOP BLAMING COLONIAL MENTALITY AND INNOVATE!  CREATE BETTER SCRIPTS!  LEARN HOW TO WRITE BETTER!  Sheesh and I thought a certain someone was problematic huh?!

Sometimes do Failipinos even wonder why some Filipino-born entertainers are more successful ABROAD than in the Philippines.  Now I would admit it's really time for Lea Salonga-Chien to step backwards, I mean everybody has to step back sooner or later but think... she was a standard breaker!!!!  I mean, I can tell that she's very meticulous about her art that's why she's endured for a time.  And just think... they hypocritically scorn these enlightened Pinoys when they go against the norm but when they succeed abroad, they start bootlicking and claiming the success that is not theirs.

Sad to say but Failipinos are never known for being good sports.  And I expect more bad comments for this article.  All I can say is all their bad comments just prove how much they glorify in hteir HORRIBUFUCUS BAD QUALITY OF FAILIPINO ENTERTAINMENT.  Either you stop being the Failipino and be the enlightened Filipino or be doomed to repeat the same vicious cycle!