Tourist Victims in the Philippines Can Certainly Testify That It's Not More Fun in the Philippines!

It irritates me whenever the tagline "It's More Fun in the Philippines" shows up as that tagline has brought down the credibility of the country.  It's common to have that in buses and almost everywhere to stick that sticker but one thing is certain, you CANNOT HIDE any incidents from the very face of the public.

Just think... remember that whether or not a person is intelligent or not is not an issue.  Even a person with a rock bottom intelligence if he or she has common sense will certainly testify something against the Philippines' as being a "more fun place" if something goes wrong.  One can go from a misadventure instead of a vacation, getting conned or worse, a major crime incident.  Now those events happen everywhere in the world but to advertise them as "More Fun in the Philippines" is a huge stupidity that suckers people in the short run, destroys credibility in the long run!

Now let's take a look at these examples... and my favorite example is the Rolando Mendoza incident.

I wonder if the tagline was inside this tourist bus when the hostage incident happened.  Just think about the Rolando Mendoza incident and how much trauma it caused the people.  Now still more fun?  So what's next, "Being Hostage - More Fun in the Philippines"?  Puh-lease... only a person with an OVERLY SEVERE brain damage will buy that!  I know it's important to keep a positive mindset but sometimes, you have to embrace the negative to see reality.  For example, you have to accept your existing flaws and strengths if you expect to succeed.

Now hostage taking can happen anywhere... no questions asked.  The question is not whether or not a country has hostage incidents but how the authorities of the country deals with it.  With the fact that at least eight Chinese tourists were killed, the survivors were also in a trauma.  If I were in their place, I don't think I'd ever want to want to go to the Philippines for a LONG, LONG time in fear of that kind of horrible incident reflected with the stupidity of the Philippine National Patola and worse, President Nobita's refusal to apologize to the Chinese government for the mishap!

As I always say taglines are no match for testimonials.  So you have the tagline "It's More Fun in the Philippines", it might sucker in gullible tourists but after a traumatizing experience, don't except them to return again.  I mean, just think... what if the authorities decided to tell the tourists on that bus something as stupid as, "Well don't worry, it's more fun in the Philippines!" instead of "We are sorry for the inconvenience."  WTF right?  Just think, such tactless people aren't considering the feelings of the hostages much less the loved ones of these hostages.

I can just think what angry reactions those Chinese tourists must have had.  I don't expect them to know of the fun spots in the Philippines like Cebu, Surigao, Iloilo, Bohol and Bacolod to name a few unless somebody testified.  Just think... if they never knew of the more fun and safer places in the Philippines, they can end up badmouthing the Philippines to the point tourism will go so low.  Don't even make me hear that the world needs Filipinos... yes the world needs Filipinos but only decent, enlightened ones, not the Failipinos that continue to drag down the country and ruin decent Pinoys.

Still always more fun in the Philippines?!