President Nobita Aquino SHOULD Try to Implement Certain Singapore-Style Policies Before He Retires by 2016!

Now it's a good thing that President Nobita Aquino went to Singapore for economic reasons.  Some firms from Indonesia even want to also invest in the Philippines.

However, the Philippines can actually get away from being a 2.5 world country (I mean, I'd rather be in the Philippines than Bangladesh or most South American countries worse in the Philippines) to a 2nd world or 1.5 world if it does the following:

1.) Be more strict with some rules.  

Foreigners would invest in places like Cebu, Iloilo, Bohol and Bacolod because they are orderly.  But what about Manila?  Frequent traffic, port congestion, high crime rates and so on makes it not feasible to do business in the Philippines.  Rules like throwing garbage anywhere, getting rid of squatters and so on should be done to make non-feasible areas of the Philippines... feasible.

2.) Allow higher degrees of foreign ownership

60/40 can be very discouraging.  It's about time to givea  50/50 and higher degree, maybe 80% as the highest degree of foreign ownership available.  With that in mind, just think of how often it should be that the Philippines should open up its economy to defeat the Macoy-style oligarchy that's still prevailing... even when it's not a Macoy who's President.  No yeah, no to Bongbong Macoy as President for 2016.

3.) Lock all bad politicians in Muntinlupa, not in special cells

Singapore doesn't care really who breaks the law right?  I don't think it's fair to lock up Ramon Revilla, Juan Ponce Enrile and Unggoy Estrada in MUNTINLUPA.  In Singapore, violators are placed in the same cell, no special treatment.

4.) Dismiss Kill Henares, Stinky Soliman and the like... no personal feelings!

Defending one's friends in power is no better than what the late Ferdinand E. Macoy did during his reign.  Only the Macoy oligarchy benefited and had the "best years" of their lives.  Now what must e done?  Assuming Stinky is not as guilty as the Chinese health PM, she should be at least fired for neglect if her crimes don't warrant death penalty.

5.) Get rid of ridiculous taxes and lower down tax rates to reasonable levels

Lowering down taxes to reasonable levels will encourage proper tax declaration.  The Philippines being an archipelago IS harder to run than Singapore.  However, President Nobita should consider that it's very discouraging to make more money IF you keep charging high unfair rates right?  He should consider lowering down the rates to make paying taxes better.  I mean, failure to collect taxes is because of Killer and Horrific tax rates by Kill Henares.  If taxes are reduced, the more business will be encouraged both foreign and Philippine businesses.

6.) Increase accountability in the Pinoy culture

Having read the incident of a Singaporean tourist shop that conned a Vietnamese, law enforcement and other Singaporeans helped the guy.  Now if Pinoys were like that, just think how much it would be definitely fun if not more fun to be a tourist in the Philippines!  Like he should seriously get the PNP trained because being hostage is not more fun in the Philippines!  Better, restore the death penalty for worst case scenarios!


  1. ....and I doubt he will do these. For all we know, he must be "busy" coming up with more ways of stealing more from us... -_-

    1. That's the sad thing dhathor... and Nobitards think Nobita is the man!


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