Looks Like Hong Kong Hasn't Forgotten About the Rolando Mendoza Incident!

Just do us all a favor and shoot yourself, just make sure the gun is loaded!

While reading the news today from GMA News, while it was certainly rude to shout at President Nobita, nobody can forget the tragedy that was the Rolando Mendoza Incident.  For the Philippine-hosted APEC, one cannot deny this, Hong Kong hasn't forgotten about the terrible neglect of President Nobita.

One may consider in spite of the lack of respect of the Hong Kong reporters, some questions were really raised that REALLY had meat.  First, he was asked would he meet CY Leung.  Second, why isn't he responding to Hong Kong officials.  Third, he is asked whether or not he will apologize.  Now it was rude to shout, no questions asked but I may have committed the same mistake if I were in their place.  My relatives in Hong Kong though they weren't on that bus, still cannot forget that dreadful incident.  I guess I did have distant relatives there or were they friends of my Chinese relatives?  I'm not that close to them.

While it's definitely NOT the fault of President Nobita that the incident took place but we have to face facts.  It was neglect and lack of readiness.  A mishap like this should never be taken lightly.  A miscommunicated message can be patched up BUT this involved LIVES.  Eight lives were lost, others were injured.  The whole incident was nothing more than a HUGE mishap that could have been avoided by common sense.  Sad to say but common sense is hardly present in the Philippines!  A sniper could have just shot him at the leg or just killed him.  It's a life and death situation... WHO CARES ABOUT BEING HUMANE WHEN KILLING THE CRIMINAL WAS THE ONLY OPTION LEFT?!

Besides, it is NOT proper to laugh while apologizing.  President Nobita should have really JUST apologized, not ignored Hong Kong officials and set things straight.  His actions may practically undo any improvement he did during his administration... ASSUMING HE'S NOT STEALING WHAT WAS DUE TO GLORIA OR SHERAP!