Bulalo: Another Delicious Filipino Dish Worth Trying!

Bulalo itself refers to "beef kneecap" which one needs a really good cut to make this really delicious Filipino dish.  The secret behind a good broth is not only the quality of the cut but also, one must consider the timing of everything, ingredients and so on.  In short, this broth is a tricky one if you want to make the best you can.

So the best method to prepare this is using the pressure cooker to prepare the broth overnight.  For a restaurant owner, he might as well consider the sacrifice of paying higher electric bills to make the quality broth... which may give higher returns because of such a good tasting broth.  Adding the seasonings like salt, pepper and garlic can be done as part of the cooking process to let the broth simmer.  What is best is that, the meat must be tenderized and the tendons look like they are about to fall off.  Also, it must be slow cooked to slowly release the flavor into the soup itself.

One tip you may want to make sure is this... if you really had to pass the beef knee cap on a freezing period, you will need to thaw it properly.  Not thawing out the beef can result to a disaster.  While one may make it tasty but it can be disappointing if not tenderized properly.  The best soup comes out only when it's being tenderized properly with all the proper ingredients to make delicious homemade bulalo.