Advertising: The Most Abused and Misused Solution for Philippine Tourism!

I remembered one time when I suggested advertising as the solution to sales... one huge problem I was told was this, "Although advertising is important, you CANNOT deny that it's also abused and misused too many times."  How is that?  I would like to relate it to the tagline "It's More Fun in the Philippines" which was launched four years ago by the Department of Tourism.

Now the tagline is catchy, no questions asked but there's one problem BEHIND it.  Taglines will be defeated by testimonials in the long run.  If you want the taglines to work, remember the four Ps of marketing are Product, Price, Place and Promotion.  It doesn't take a Warren Buffet or a Bill Gates to know those stuff.  Any employee can learn those stuff... I mean Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have their marketing teams under them.

For someone who is a "nobody" like me considering I'm not even a big time businessman, it's learned through experience.  Now let's think of how advertising has been misused and abused... and how the Philippines fits in with the 5 Ps:

1.) Product - The Philippines

There's no doubt that it's the truth in the DOT propaganda that the Philippines has 7,107 registered islands as part of its nation.  The Philippines has its tourist spots, no questions asked.  However speaking of the product, one must continue to think is my product REALLY effective or not?  Common sense tells you don't endorse Mt. Mayon when its erupting, you endorse Mt. Mayon when it's not erupting.

2.) Price - The Tourist Cost

The tourist cost vs. citizen cost must not be different.  Tourists must be CHARGED exactly the same as tourists like terminal fees, souvenir fees, etc.  Sad to say but I really don't feel like endorsing Boracay over Bantayan.  During my stay in Bantayan, I was impressed with how a group of Japanese were able to purchase dried fish at a a regular cost.  If tourists were charged higher than citizens, it creates hostility and less returns which can butthurt touris.

3.) Place -Where Are the Ideal Tourist Spots?

I did mention some places.  The good side of the Department of Tourism is that they actually do endorse some tourist spots.  There are places listed like Palawan, Bohol, Cebu, Surigao, Iloilo, Baguio an Bacolod.  If they list down every good tourist spot, it will definitely build credibility for the Philippines.

4.) Promotion - How to Promote

I just mentioned tourist spots and prices now how to promote?  The Philippines is a very mixed country with good and bad.  Every country is.  To endorse the Philippines as a whole as "It's More Fun in the Philippines" may mislead a tourist to a severe misadventure in places like Tondo or Basilan.  Multiple taglines may be more helpful considering the Philippines IS an archipelago.  China endorses itself with multiple taglines.  The Philippines can have taglines like "Bohol - Home to the Famous Loboc River" or "Come to Bohol and Enjoy the Loboc River Experience".  It will definitely be credible to promote every tourist spot while warning tourists where NOT to go and HOW to stay safe.  In China, we were also told why certain places were closed... likewise it won't hurt the Philippines to do the same.  I mean who would want to return to the Philippines if they were ambushed by Tondo gangsters or Abu Sayyaf members right?