Five Reasons Why the Failipino Value of the Victim Card Mentality Won't Help the Philippines!

One of the biggest vices that humanity has produced is the Victim Card Mentality.  Sad to say but the Victim Card Mentality is so easily associated with the Pinoy in general whether they be Failipinos or the enlightened Pinoy.  Now let's take a look at the many years how the Victim Card Mentality isn't helping the Philippines.

Like it or not, nobody is always right, nobody is always wrong either.  We have to help each other by pointing out our mistakes.  We correct and must be corrected.  But the Victim Card mentality means, "I am the victim therefore, I am always right!"

Here are five reasons I can name why the victim card mentality won't help the Philippines:

1.) The Victim Card Mentality is one of the reasons why a lot of Pinoy workers aren't working any better.  

Just think, how often it is to have the Failipino workers instead of enlightened Pinoy workers.  Even in the Philippines, I have observed how some Pinoy businessmen express their disdain over their Failipino employees.  Why is that?  In one instance,a  Pinoy businessman even admitted once, "It's hard to say it but there are employees who display a larger degree of pride than their bosses.

When I tell them they are wrong, they immediately say that they are oppressed.  They cannot tell the difference between discipline, valid criticism vs. invalid criticism.  Criticism isn't always negative... it can be given because of improvement.  A good critic gives all merits and demerits.  Criticism is part of growth and admit it, there is always a time we are hypersensitive to it but... we need it if we expect to grow.  Not knowing you are wrong is like leaving a cancerous tumor not removed while it's early.

2.) The Victim Card Mentality means you refuse competition.  

I would believe that one of the benefits of protectionism is their Victim Card mentality. By restricting foreign ownership to only 40% rather than increase it to reasonable joint venture packages similar to China, it protects the local business but it also promotes non-competition.  A lack of competition is why a lot of services in the Philippines are terrible.  The result of this economic protectionism is simple that aside from TRASHY SERVICES, you also get lack of supply, slow economy, ridiculously high taxes (thanks a lot Kill Henares... NOT) and inflation.  Competition drives us to be better but the Pwede Na Yan mentality is also a fuel for the Victim Card Mentality.  Is it any wonder why the Philippines ranks low in the ASEAN?

3.) The Victim Card Mentality is also trying to portray the Filipino as a victim of oppression at the time they are not oppressed.

The Failipino thinks that they are easy targets of racism and racial discrimination as a result of their high sense of pride.  You cannot deny how often there are Failipino workers around the world who have sadly marred the Pinoy image in general.  One of the incidents you can name is that how oftne do Failipinos think that they must stand by their countryman even if he or she is really a villain.

What is worse is that when these Failipino criminals are executed for heinous crimes like drug dealing and murder, they declare him/her a hero/heroine for the Philippines.  Sad to say, they even call every enlightened Pinoy who refuses to ride with their mentality as traitors to the country.  I would believe their racist idiotology in return, causes them to think they are always victims of racial discrimination even when they are not.

4.) The Victim Card Mentality makes every guilty Pinoy unaccountable for their actions.

I just mentioned earlier about Pinoys who stand by their fellow guilty Pinoy.  While the enlightened Pinoy believes in, "You do the crime, you do the time." But for the Pinoys who are FLIPFAGs, they are quick to say, "We are victims!" even if the crime is crystal clear.  Who can remember the Flor Contemplacion case in Singapore and years later, the death of the three drug mules in China later declared as "heroes"?!

To be honest, why do they seek to absolve the guilt of these people who should pay for their crimes?  They are quick to punish foreigners but they will want absolution for Pinoys who are guilty.  The make every guilty Pinoy unaccountable for their actions has caused nothing but rampant crime and corruption in the government.  In short, the Victim Card gives you license to break the law whenever you want!

5.) The Victim Card Mentality means a false sense of entitlement.

I just love bringing back the issue of the One Direction ticket line.  Now not everybody who bought the PHP 17,000.00 was wrong... and not everyone there was an idiot but sad to say, some smart people were mingled with idiots.  Some people after they lost the opportunity to get the VIP, settled for the next best ticket and quietly moved out.  What was practically wrong was when such people acted as if they were entitled to the One Direction ticket as if the band knew them.

Sad to say but Failipinos have their wrong sense of entitlement not just in that ticket incident but also in competitions.  Even I sometimes think that the Gilas team was nothing more than a group of sore losers.  They brag a lot when they win and they cry foul when they lose, believing they should always win.  Fortunately some Pinoy athletes aren't Failipinos but are enlightened Filipinos.