The Nobita Presidency: Nothing More than Ruling the Philippines in Childish Vindictiveness!

You all watch out!  I will have my revenge!
I really hate to think of how President Nobita could say he has no time to go to Tacloban BUT he has the audactiy to attend the marriage of Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera.  Now what's practically wrong with that?  It's like a childish thing to do like... some idiot who would skip her job, file a sick leave to attend the Rurouni Kenshin - Kyoto Inferno event but his is much worse... the idiot can just be admonished but his is obvious neglect of lives.  And what do I think of that?  Somehow I think that President Nobita has the mentality of a child who wants to get even with everyone who had made his childhood miserable.  In fact, I even think has he been watching too much TV anyone?

So why did I bring up Tacloban?  It' simple.  Imelda Romualdez Macoy's nephew is the mayor.  Now I don't condone to all the horrible things that the Macoy Administration did during the martial law.. as there are five pernicious myths about Ferdinand Macoy.  Also, I wouldn't want a Bongbong Presidency either.  But the matter of the issue is this... the fault of the late dictator Ferdinand Macoy and the fault of former First Lady Imelda Macoy are THEIRS and it does NOT pollute the whole Marcos and Romualdez clan as unclean.  In fact, President Nobita is proof that the Aquinos aren't all squeaky clean either.  For example, any sins of the Cojuanco DOES TO involve the late Cory unless she was part of it.

Now here's the situation... I know that the mayor of Tacloban, Alfred Romualdez as I mentioned earlier IS a nephew of Imelda Romualdez-Macoy.  I know that President Nobita felt bad when his father was unjustly killed during an administration that assassinated political opponents.  However be aware that Ninoy is NOT the only victim of that kind of injustice.  The late Cory though incompetent did not have her mission of revenge.  The issue of childish vindictiveness may have even led to why Stinky Soliman stent expired relief goods.  It looks like President Nobita wants to get even not only with the people involved with the Macoy Presidency but ALSO this... he wants to get even with all the members of Macoy and Romualdez JUST BECAUSE the offenders were from those clans.  In short, it's childish thinking!

Which reminds me... I do always love to bring out the real situation that has been going on to.  He's always blaming Gloria Macacapal-Abobo for his faults.  Sad to say, the corrupt Gloria had inadvertently exposed the true nature of President Nobita that he's no better.  All he did was remove his political rivals just because they were appointees by Gloria without removing his allies who have broken the law.  And this really proves he's like a little kid when he runs the Philippines.  And really, still satisfied with his stupid performance?!   Don't forget that it's also his fault why the libel clause of the anti-cybercrime law is now constitutional.

No wonder it's more fun to be President in the Philippines for President Nobita!