My Feeling of Amy Jo Johnson Wearing the Pink Ranger Costume Once More!

So how do I feel with Amy Jo Johnson' back at the age of 44?  I would share my feelings on the matter of how popular she was back then... and how the MMPR fanbase was with her.  And how this nostalgic feeling I have with the very character she played as... Kimberly Hart!  So what do I think about this event/  Takes me back to memory lane!

It brings me back to the Kimberly fanbase back when I was a child... how the character sort of broke some racial barriers with her other rangers.  Her best friend was Asian, later she has an African best friend.  I would admit that there were crazy stuff I did like collect those cards out of a crazy mind which I don't think I can truly comprehend why I did them.  I would admit here are some confessions of what I did as a kid.  In my mind for some time, she was the hottest girl among all the Sentai and PR girls and it was hard for me to replace her.

I do feel she is the most overrated Tokusatsu girl back in the 90s or maybe, the effect just dragged over.  For one, the character may have gotten a bad "F*CK YOU" message with the "Dear John letter" (bad writing)... and a bad return in the PR Turbo movie... but I guess people just wanted to take the concept again and do it right.  I still couldn't forget why I stopped watching MMPR when she left and now she's back the memories are back.

As of late, seeing she's a family woman... she gave birth at 38 and later married her boyfriend I think a year or two later... I just thought that she may have had many suitors along the way.  However I think it was for the best she chose to marry late though it may be difficult for her to have another child.  I just wish the best for her family life.