Five Ways Decent Pinoy Workers Can Stand Out in Singapore!

It's a sad fact to think how easy it is to stereotype the Pinoy in general because of the Failipinos among them.  Now here's what I think that can be done... every decent, enlightened Pinoy in Singapore must really stand out and show Singapore that the real problem are Failipinos, not the Pinoy in general.

The stereotypical Pinoy is a Failipino because of these reasons given by this Filipino born and raised in Singapore (read here):

1.) Having a picnic everywhere they want.

2.) Playing music out loud.

3.) A delusional sense of entitlement.

4.) Overly loud talking in public.

5.) Demanding the whole world to adjust to the Failipino.

So what can decent Pinoy workers do?  Here's some tips to troll those Failipinos without doing anything unethical:

1.) When a Failipino has a picnic everywhere, they can say something like, "Yes he's my countryman and he's a reason why our country is screwed up.  He thinks it's a great love of country."  Decent Pinoys can all have a decent picnic, group together, bond together in decent ways to show they are different types of Pinoys.  Report those Failipinos who do such activities to the proper authorities.

2.) When listening to music in public, always use earphones and don't use them in inappropriate places.  If possible, report the public disturbance caused by a Failipino.  By handing over Failipinos, it helps the Philippines have one less bad citizen to deal with.

3.) Follow the rules and respect the country as deeply as possible.  No bootlicking, just show the different Pinoy image.  Decent Pinoys can volunteer for community services without expecting anything.  They can also report violators of any kind to show they are not the typical Pinoy but the enlightened Pinoy.

4.) Be culturally flexible when need be.  Being in Singapore means you will be eating Singaporean food and have that food trip.  Of course, it can be nice to introduce Filipino cuisine to Singaporeans too in a cultural exchange.  They can learn Malay and Chinese while teaching Singaporeans the Filipino language.

5.) Show that the enlightened Pinoy is willing to adjust.  Like for example, these decent Pinoys can avoid speaking in Tagalog in public areas while doing so in private.  In the work place, follow proper work etiquette.  They can also report any Pinoy leftists looking for trouble in Singapore even if it means getting antagonized.

This is one way that every decent Pinoy worker in Singapore can win against the Failipino!