Jokes About the Presidents: It's More Fun in the Philippines!

One of the biggest features that should really be more fun in the Philippines is to MAKE FUN of President Nobita Aquino.  Why is that?  One may consider these reasons to be why it's more fun to make fun of the Presidents:

Sherap Estrada- the trend start that made presidential jokes more fun in the Philippines!

The trend of "Jokes About Presidents: It's More Fun in the Philippines" started on 1998 when Sherap Estrada became President.  Somehow I couldn't forget how stupid he really was.  The Cory to Ramos administration would have helped but this guy BUNGLES EVERYTHING AND DOESN'T MAKE AN EFFORT TO FIX ANY WRONG HE'S DONE!!!  I really hate to admit it but Sherap himself as a president really lacked common sense.  Now some College dropouts are successful businessmen but he is NOT one of them. Given he was a good mayor for San Juan but his legacy began a legacy of STUPIDITY AND CORRUPTION.

Even when he was newly anointed as President of the Philippines, one cannot deny that Sherap was already a subject of jokes  Ispup was a joke program at ABC-5 which is now TV-5 owned by the Cojuangcos.  Every joke about Sherap was an exaggerated version of his lack of common sense.  The fun side about Sherap was this... HE IS ALSO THE FIRST PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES TO BE PLACED ON IMPEACHMENT TRIAL.  Worse, the trial was broadcast worldwide.  After that, he gets pardoned AND he was even allowed to run again.  What a joke!

Gloria Abobo - President Nobita's Favorite Scapegoat

Gloria sat during Sherap's reign and may have started the blame game.  During her rule, the Gross Domestic Product of the Philippines did increase.  There's no question she is a brilliant economist and it was better to let her win than the late Fernando Poe Jr.  But the problem behind her was that she also has LOTS to answer for.  I would admit that she did economically make the peso stronger during her reign but she has the ZTE Broadband and Hello Garci scams to answer for.  The humor continues that AFTER her administration, she becomes a Congresswoman, she isn't even willing to step down and now SHE IS THE PRESIDENT'S SCAPEGOAT!

President Nobita Aquino - Incumbent laughing stock of a President until 2016!

Now here is one president that really showed how stupidity equals winnability in the Philippines.  For one, where is Ninoy in Noynoy?  None!  One can think of this... Ninoy is more or less a hero but the son is a ZERO!  While Cory should have removed the protectionist system that Macoy introduced BUT she wasn't sleeping on the job.  She didn't even delude to sit one more term after her term was over.  I'm just glad Nobita isn't running.  And something is really, REALLY WRONG with this guy.  Even the fact he refused to seriously apologize to Hong Kong about the Rolando Mendoza incident proves he's not mentally fit for any office.

So what's the real deal with President Nobita?  Somehow with Gloria as the least funny one of the three... one can see he's another Sherap but with less charisma.  He just free rode on his parents Ninoy and Cory.  He has NO achievement whatsoever.  What does he do during his term?  He's acting like a child in an adult's body.  All he does is get even.  Come on, it's been HOW LONG since his father Ninoy died.  He should bury the hatchet already.  Also, instead of taking accountability for his actions he approves that stupid libel clause of the Anti-Cybercrime Law and two, he always blames Gloria for EVERYTHING that goes wrong.  Not even Sherap was stupid enough to blame Ramos for his failures.

Isn't it any wonder why the Philippines has REALLY No Direction?  If you failed to meet One Direction, don't worry you can still meet these guys!