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Gracie Dzienny Picture For January 29, 2018

What can I say? She's grown really much hotter than before!

Victoria Justice With That Llama

Shes' got that lovely smile and a fresh look, doesn't she? 

Victoria Justice In Art

Here's some interesting paintings of the lovely Victoria Justice in art... 

Perhaps That One Line In Lion King 2 That Means A Lot

It's sickening of how often we bring up great fathers when the sons are nowhere near their fathers. If there's anything that you NEVER inherit it's the experience. Fathers and sons will never be the same person. Sometimes, a father who's good in English but weak in Math can have a son who's the other way around. That 's the problem in society today -- we keep raising up the great fathers while the children stay behind in the shadows.
It still echoes into my head whenever Kiara tells Simba, "You will NEVER be Mufasa." Did that mean Simba wasn't a great king? No, Simba was trying to be his father than be a great king. But another sad echo is shown that Mufasa's spirit wants the fight between the Pride Rock and the Outlanders to end. Simba just wants to continue that feud out of hatred for his uncle Scar. The second movie was rightfully called Simba's Pride because pride was killing him.

This always brings the sad reality. The crown is passe…

Satirical News: Capcom Announces New Game Called "Resident Evil: Yellow Zombie Infestation"

After the incident that former president Nobita Aquino mentioned that the Liberal Party will rise again - it caused the people at Capcom to raise eyebrows. Resident Evil 7 producers Masachika Kawata and Tsuyoshi Kanda announces that they will release a new Resident Evil game.
The game's plot will take place in the Philippines. The plot involves old school characters in Resident Evil such as Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield and Albert Wesker. In this game Wesker makes a deal with a fallen Filipino political party. Umbrella Corporation manages to establish a branch in the Philippines no thanks to corrupt politicians. The result soon released a third virus called the Yellow Virus giving birth to a new breed of zombies called Yellow Zombies.
New Filipino characters will be established. The protagonist will be a Filipino member of STARS who will temporarily be known as known as Jules Mercado. Her role as the protagonist is to save the Philippines from a possible zombie ap…

Please Leave A Little Love For Me Tonight

Here's a Mandarin song where the title translates to "Please leave a little love for me tonight." One of its singers is Taiwanese actress Zhen Xiu Zhen who acted as Dao Ming Si's mother in Meteor Garden. 
Leave me a little love tonight
Now I want more than just a friend
Do not tell me with a smile
Let all say tomorrow
Tonight, leave a little love for me
Do you really do not understand such feelings?
Lonely, everyone has it
Just say that I do not speak
So leave a little love for me tonight
Do not want to change my life
Do not want to go alone
So leave a little love for me tonight
At the end of the day
Have a bit of real feeling
Leave me a little love tonight
Now what I want is no longer a kind of attachment
Say nothing
It just gets even harder
So leave a little love for me tonight
Do not want to change life
Do not want to go alone
So leave a little love for me tonight
At the end of the day
Have a little bit of real feeling
So leave a little love for me tonight
Do not w…

When Dinosaurs Bring The Dino Apocalypse Upon Themselves

I remembered watching the Dinosaurs show as a child and I admit, this is ONE dark finale for a comedy show. Dinosaurs was supposedly a Flintstones' style sitcom where everyone are dinosaurs set in Ancient Pangaea. The show was a comedy where there were certain lessons in the end such as what it means to be a family or the downside of corporate greed. Yet, some people may have NEVER expected this dark of a finale.
The final episode of Dinosaurs focused on the problem of too much modernization. Sure, modernization is good but when you try to fight nature then you're done for. What the show did was that they destroyed a Bunch Beetle nest to make a Wax Fruit factory without considering the consequences of their actions. The poppy ciders overgrew and there was only one bunch beetle left. To counter the problem they even went as far as to spray poison everywhere killing wildlife.
But does We Say So even regret all the mayhem they did and cause? No... they just come up with one stup…

Satirical News: Agnes Callamard Vows To Help Maria Ressa Get CRappler's SEC License Back At ICC

It is official that CRappler's license got revoked by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Now, Agnes Callamard vows to help Maria Ressa get her license back. It was said that Ressas and Callamard had a tearful exchange.

"This is the proof of dictatorship of the Duterte Administration. This is a critical time that Filipinos don't see that they are supporting a dictator and President Duterte himself is that dictator. It's wrong to lock up Leila De Lima because shabu causes no harm. I would like to extend my condolence to Ressa but she should fear not. I will help Ressa sue President Duterte at the International Criminal Court. I have already passed my bid to get Maria Isabel Lopez's license back and my bid to make Jover Laurio a Nobel Prize winner. Now I will file this case that will guarantee the downfall of a tyrant like Duterte to help preserve democracy in the Philippines. A democracy where there will be more freedom unlike Singapore that reeks of third wor…

Satirical News: Jover Laurio Gets Scheduled For BBC Hardtalk With Stephen Sackur

It is no secret that Jover Laurio herself got an interview with BBC. After the first interview, BBC Correspondent Stephen Sackur said he would like to interview Laurio himself. Sackur was last known to have interviewed Senator Antonio Trollanes.
"I would like the opportunity to interview Jover Laurio. I was upset that I did not get the chance to interview her. I had a fun time interviewing Trollanes and now I look forward to Laurio as my next interviewee." said Sackur.

Laurio felt flattered and decided to take the invitation. She said, "Well this would be the chance of a lifetime to prove to everyone that the Philippines is suffering under a dictatorship. I will definitely answer all those questions to defend myself to why I deserve to be Filipino of the Year. To all Filipinos who badmouthed me -- see you all at the International Criminal Court."

Stay tuned for further developments.

The Classic Chinese Song Bu Liao Qing Or Love Without End

This is an old classic Chinese oldies which I heard over in a Chinese restaurant. I confess, I don't really know Mandarin much but I try every now and then to learn the language so I can appreciate my favorite shows in that language. The same goes for Nihonggo and Hangul. 
Here's a rough translation of the song which I took from Asia Friend Finder:
Cannot forget, Cannot forget,
Cannot forget your mistakes,
Cannot forget your goodness,
Cannot forget our carefree walk in the rain,
And cannot forget embracing in the wind.

Cannot forget, Cannot forget,
Cannot forget your tears,
Cannot forget your laughter,
Cannot forget the falling leaves of despair,
And cannot forget those blooming worries.

Loneliness of a long road
Now the slanting moon clearly illuminates.
The neglected swing stands alone in the cold,
Swings gently to and fro in the cold wind.
It duplicates your sting,
A voice, forgotten, forgotten.
It tells of my broken inner feelings,
A voice, difficult, difficult.

(Stanza 3)

Cannot for…

Satirical News: Raissa Robles To Write Book On Jover Laurio As A Heroine Of Democracy

Investigative journalist Raissa Espinosa-Robles announces that she is writing a new book. Right after the Philippine Daily Inquirer made Jover Laurio a heroine, she announced that she would write a new book called, "Jover Laurio: Heroine For Democracy, Fighter of Fake News".

"I hope that this book will be the new eye opener of the dictatorship we are in. Our country is now under the dictatorship of President Duterte. President Duterte won through bots and trolls that had influenced everyone to turn against CRappler and voted for him instead. We must get back our democracy at all costs. Right now, people are just too afraid to speak against President Duterte which is why his approval ratings are always up. Jover Laurio of Pinoy Ako Blog is a heroine and she should be the Filipino of the year."

The latest updates include that Agnes Callamard has decided that Laurio should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. It was said that both Robles and Callamard met each other…

Satirical News: Agnes Callamard Says Jover Laurio Should Get Nobel Peace Prize For Pinoy Ako Blog

The U.N. Rapporteur or Shabuteur Agnes Callamard heard of the news from the Philippine Daily Inquirer. She was impressed at the fact that Philippine Daily Inquirer made Jover Laurio as "Filipino of the Year".

"I am impressed at Pinoy Ako Blog. It's the most beautiful piece of work done by any Filipino against President Duterte. We should have Jover Laurio nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. If she gets nominated she would make you Filipinos proud. Pinoy Ako Blog is truly a masterpiece that would make every dead Nobel Peace Prize winner proud." said Callamard on on Twitter. The same tweet was later retweeted by Ressa.

A Youtube video soon followed. Like the incident where Marbobo Roxas says that Philippines would have been the richest nation under him, the video interview was met with a million hate comments in just one hour. Comments had to be disabled on CRappler's Youtube channel.

Stay tuned for further developments.

Satirical News: Kris Aquino Reportedly Approves Of Leni Loud Robredo For Nobita Aquino

Looks like the rumors of still bachelor Nobita Aquino and widowed Vice President Leni Loud Robredo have not died. As of late, it is said that Kris Aquino now gives her thumbs up for her brother Nobita and Vice President Leni Loud.

Reports said that the two were spotted eating dinner together at a Korean restaurant. It was said that both of them drank soju together and were getting to know each other better. Other sources indicate that Leni Loud's three daughters have grown closer to who they call as "Uncle Nobita".

Whether or not Kris approves of Leni Loud or whether or not the latter is dating Nobita still remains to be seen.

Satirical News: Marbobo Roxas Brags Philippines Would Have Become World's Richest Country If He Were President

Marbobo Roxas opened his mouth again as the Year 2018 arrived last January 1, 2018. This time, he gave a reaction that caused more angry Filipino netizens to hate him some more. He finally said the following words on Twitter, "President Duterte is a dictator. Take a look at how bad the economy is now. If I won the 2016 presidential elections I could have made the Philippines the richest nation in the world."

The tweet he made did not do so well. It became more problematic as Marbobo got into more criticism. To counter it, he requested for a direct interview with Crappler's Maria Ressa. He gave more words which angered more netizens. Here's what he said that caused more anger:

The plan of President Duterte to open up the economy, federalism and parliamentary will destroy the country. 

If you open up the economy then the Philippines loses its sovereignty. We will be captured by foreigners. It's by economic protectionism that nations like Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and…

Gracie Dzienny Picture For January 1, 2018

Yup, it's the start of a new year and she's looking so sizzling here. Hehe.