The Classic Chinese Song Bu Liao Qing Or Love Without End

This is an old classic Chinese oldies which I heard over in a Chinese restaurant. I confess, I don't really know Mandarin much but I try every now and then to learn the language so I can appreciate my favorite shows in that language. The same goes for Nihonggo and Hangul. 

Here's a rough translation of the song which I took from Asia Friend Finder:

Cannot forget, Cannot forget,
Cannot forget your mistakes,
Cannot forget your goodness,
Cannot forget our carefree walk in the rain,
And cannot forget embracing in the wind.

Cannot forget, Cannot forget,
Cannot forget your tears,
Cannot forget your laughter,
Cannot forget the falling leaves of despair,
And cannot forget those blooming worries.

Loneliness of a long road
Now the slanting moon clearly illuminates.
The neglected swing stands alone in the cold,
Swings gently to and fro in the cold wind.
It duplicates your sting,
A voice, forgotten, forgotten.
It tells of my broken inner feelings,
A voice, difficult, difficult.

(Stanza 3)

Cannot forget, Cannot forget,
Cannot forget the spring has already passed,
Cannot forget the flower is already old,
Cannot forget the bitter taste of our separation,
And cannot forget the misery of missing you while we're apart.