When Dinosaurs Bring The Dino Apocalypse Upon Themselves

I remembered watching the Dinosaurs show as a child and I admit, this is ONE dark finale for a comedy show. Dinosaurs was supposedly a Flintstones' style sitcom where everyone are dinosaurs set in Ancient Pangaea. The show was a comedy where there were certain lessons in the end such as what it means to be a family or the downside of corporate greed. Yet, some people may have NEVER expected this dark of a finale.

The final episode of Dinosaurs focused on the problem of too much modernization. Sure, modernization is good but when you try to fight nature then you're done for. What the show did was that they destroyed a Bunch Beetle nest to make a Wax Fruit factory without considering the consequences of their actions. The poppy ciders overgrew and there was only one bunch beetle left. To counter the problem they even went as far as to spray poison everywhere killing wildlife.

But does We Say So even regret all the mayhem they did and cause? No... they just come up with one stupid plan after the other. They placed bombs in all the volcanoes which caused the Ice Age. Worse, We Say So could only care about the money as the sulfuric clouds block the sun. It's safe to assume everybody dies at the finale because of the Ice Age. Yup, they brought the Dino Apocalypse. Bandora from Zyuranger would love the finale of this sitcom! Good thing Daizyujin lives in a completely different show or he'd be totally screwed up if he existed in this sitcom!

I feel like the finale was meant to be dark to serve as a reminder that while modernization can be good it can also be bad. We must all respect nature while pursuing innovative thinking. Every change has a consequence and that's what we must be aware of. The lesson would also be best summed up as, "With great power comes great responsibility."