Satirical News: Marbobo Roxas Brags Philippines Would Have Become World's Richest Country If He Were President

Marbobo Roxas opened his mouth again as the Year 2018 arrived last January 1, 2018. This time, he gave a reaction that caused more angry Filipino netizens to hate him some more. He finally said the following words on Twitter, "President Duterte is a dictator. Take a look at how bad the economy is now. If I won the 2016 presidential elections I could have made the Philippines the richest nation in the world."

The tweet he made did not do so well. It became more problematic as Marbobo got into more criticism. To counter it, he requested for a direct interview with Crappler's Maria Ressa. He gave more words which angered more netizens. Here's what he said that caused more anger:

The plan of President Duterte to open up the economy, federalism and parliamentary will destroy the country. 

If you open up the economy then the Philippines loses its sovereignty. We will be captured by foreigners. It's by economic protectionism that nations like Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and China progressed. Mao Zedong was a free trade guy who drove China poor. Deng Xiaoping made China rich by protectionism. South Korea is protectionist and it's rich. North Korea is free trade and it's poor. Don't buy the bullsh*t that no competition means no competitiveness. If the Philippines will be poor then blame it on foreign investors and Duterte. 

Federalism would destroy the country and give rise to warlords. What? Does Duterte want us to go back to the federal times when warlord were up there? Should I mention how Imperial Manila system will be better? Take a look at unitary countries - they have better economies. This federalism is a scam. We don't live in the medieval times so we should disregard federalism.

Also, parliamentary? Why go for a system that will ensure another Ferdinand E. Marcos will arise? There's no check and balance in parliamentary. Presidential has better check and balance. Just look at how good presidential system is in choosing candidates. If you're in the minority then you're stupid. That's the rule of life.

This interview was soon met with flaming remarks. CRappler's Youtube channel had to disable comments as it got a million of angry comments in just one hour.

Stay tuned for further developments.