Perhaps That One Line In Lion King 2 That Means A Lot

It's sickening of how often we bring up great fathers when the sons are nowhere near their fathers. If there's anything that you NEVER inherit it's the experience. Fathers and sons will never be the same person. Sometimes, a father who's good in English but weak in Math can have a son who's the other way around. That 's the problem in society today -- we keep raising up the great fathers while the children stay behind in the shadows.

It still echoes into my head whenever Kiara tells Simba, "You will NEVER be Mufasa." Did that mean Simba wasn't a great king? No, Simba was trying to be his father than be a great king. But another sad echo is shown that Mufasa's spirit wants the fight between the Pride Rock and the Outlanders to end. Simba just wants to continue that feud out of hatred for his uncle Scar. The second movie was rightfully called Simba's Pride because pride was killing him.

This always brings the sad reality. The crown is passed but Simba never inherited Mufasa's wisdom and experience in making Pride Rock... Pride Rock. Simba thought being Mufasa's son meant he had to be Mufasa. Instead, he ended up losing his own identity and making disastrous choices. It's always about you are you and your father is your father.