Satirical News: Raissa Robles To Write Book On Jover Laurio As A Heroine Of Democracy

Investigative journalist Raissa Espinosa-Robles announces that she is writing a new book. Right after the Philippine Daily Inquirer made Jover Laurio a heroine, she announced that she would write a new book called, "Jover Laurio: Heroine For Democracy, Fighter of Fake News".

"I hope that this book will be the new eye opener of the dictatorship we are in. Our country is now under the dictatorship of President Duterte. President Duterte won through bots and trolls that had influenced everyone to turn against CRappler and voted for him instead. We must get back our democracy at all costs. Right now, people are just too afraid to speak against President Duterte which is why his approval ratings are always up. Jover Laurio of Pinoy Ako Blog is a heroine and she should be the Filipino of the year."

The latest updates include that Agnes Callamard has decided that Laurio should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. It was said that both Robles and Callamard met each other and decided to make plans for the book. Robles has shown a draft of the book which was co-authored with Callamard.

This time, CRappler disabled comments on the video. However, it had a million dislikes in one hour. Stay tuned for further developments.