Satirical News: Jover Laurio Gets Scheduled For BBC Hardtalk With Stephen Sackur

It is no secret that Jover Laurio herself got an interview with BBC. After the first interview, BBC Correspondent Stephen Sackur said he would like to interview Laurio himself. Sackur was last known to have interviewed Senator Antonio Trollanes.

"I would like the opportunity to interview Jover Laurio. I was upset that I did not get the chance to interview her. I had a fun time interviewing Trollanes and now I look forward to Laurio as my next interviewee." said Sackur.

Laurio felt flattered and decided to take the invitation. She said, "Well this would be the chance of a lifetime to prove to everyone that the Philippines is suffering under a dictatorship. I will definitely answer all those questions to defend myself to why I deserve to be Filipino of the Year. To all Filipinos who badmouthed me -- see you all at the International Criminal Court."

Stay tuned for further developments.