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America or Canada?

Would it be Canada or America? I kind of thought about the whole idea (and using a picture of a white woman holding both Canadian and American citizenship) would be very hard for me to choose. So far, America has become kind of a dull place as of recent, some choose Canada over America because Canada has a less stressful lifestyle if I'm not wrong.

I'm Reconsidering Things Before Getting a North American Partner

I personally thought that maybe, just maybe, it may not be not such a good idea to get a North American partner. And I think these may be some of the reasons why:
Many North Americans are simply wasteful over food.
A difference of ideals- well that's pretty common and expected so be ready.Somehow people murder their lovely appearances in the U.S.The fashion sense- many North American women dress far more daringly than most Oriental women.
I don't know either. But I do have a mixture of Eastern ideology with Western ideology trying to balance the pros and cons of each culture.

My Ideal Look-Alikes for a Caucasian Girlfriend

Here are the idea look alikes but I'd only like to have one:

Emma Roberts- A pretty and hot, only 5'2 American girl. Just my ideal type. No smoking though.

Pamela Anderson- pre-cosmetic surgery of course.

Amy Jo Johnson- reliving childhood nostalgia with a look-alike can be fun.

Cindy Crawford- You have to admit she's kinda hot.

I hope I'm not writing this just for fun.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Fairest of Them All?

Here were one of those early day glamour days of Pamela Anderson, her beauty would turn the eyes of many men and launched a thousand ships. Unfortunately she ended up marring herself with more surgeries later in the mid 90s. Honestly, I think she really looked that hot in 1991. The irony is that she saw how pretty she was on the mirror and yet she went for all the useless surgeries. Pfft!

A Legacy of Titles as "Hottest Woman in Hollywood"

Here are who I consider to be the fairest women in Hollywood during their time:

Swiss actress Ursula Andress was the hottest during the 70s.

During the 80s-early 90s we had Pamela Anderson. She took the world by storm.

Lately I would consider Emma Rose Roberts to be that woman.

Another Charming Emma Roberts Smile

This headshot shows a rather, very charming Emma Roberts smile. Sigh... only if I could have a Caucasian girl resembling her.

Emma Roberts Client Talk

Even in conservative clothing, Emma Roberts is still hot in this client talk photo.

Emma Roberts in a Low Cut Dress and Backless

Here's Emma Roberts in a low cut dress. Honestly has she really shed much of her image for this? She looks good though. But funny how most people dress in this kind of attire are usually ugly.

Another is in a backless.

Emma Roberts Hot and Seductive

Yup this photo makes her tempting. Only if I could find somebody who resembles her since it'd be dreaming too much to marry her.

Where I Think the Fairest Women Exist

If there's anywhere else I consider where I find fair women, it would be either Caucasian or Oriental.

The Oriental beauty has the pale white to yellowish white skin. I simply find Oriental white skin to be attractive. It's said that these women age slower. For best choice, Japanese or Chinese.

Well I think that can be true that they age slower because actress Ivy Ling Po (above) is already a grandma but she's one pretty grandma as evidenced by her appearances! Who says old can't be pretty? Old's not hot but definitely still pretty. Funny how many mistresses look awful compared to the aging wives!

Then we have the Caucasian women. Pretty girls get their appearances enhanced also if they're Caucasian. However most Caucasians are said to age faster. Well, not really for all.

Here is Spanish actress Pilita Corrales, still pretty for an old lady.

I Don't Think There are 100% Caucasians or 100% Orientals These Days

Thanks to the marriages between Orientals and Caucasians and somehow, have rewritten their genes. And how? Well let's think about these facts:

You have Orientals with BUG EYES. Yup. Oriental girls usually have tiny eyes but thanks to Caucasian-Oriental breeding, we get such a lovely result.

Due to Caucasian males having Oriental wives, it's pretty much expected, soon some Westerners are bound to have Oriental features sooner or later, mostly sooner.

Let's face the facts:
Chinese men can't find a wife in China are most likely to intermarry in the countries they migrate to. This of course creates a new breed of Caucasians.There are Oriental women with Caucasian husbands who have strong Oriental blood so soon enough, there will be some people with blond hair, blue eyes but having also visible Asian features.China and Hong Kong were British colonies so Taiwan was affected too. Portugese traders also came to these countries so interbreeding was made possible.