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Still Seeking for a Chinese Wife or Never Mind?

I always thought about marriage and should I still look for a Chinese wife or should I seek to intermarry?  To be honest, I find all the Chinese traditions stupid, that Chinese aesthetics can just be enjoyed by anybody.  I always thought about it that a lot of Chinese-to-Chinese marriages aren't working while other intermarriages aren't working.  And I would have to admit that all my flings were usually a result of the stupid "programming" that only Chinese to Chinese never mind compatibility.

When it came to my ex-girlfriend, we both shared the same surnames in Chinese so it wasn't allowed while in older Chinese customs, first cousins may marry back then IF they don't have the surnames.  It was something both me and her shared the same surname so my relatives didn't like the idea either because of some stupid belief.  In my case, we both moved on because of incompatibility reasons and her being married (her hubby is not Chinese) now is proof she's m…

Mistaking Another Girl As My Real First Crush...

So it was some time after I broke up with my ex-girlfriend and things were settled down.  Me and her had mutually agreed not to rekindle anything, we have to move on.  It didn't mean she wasn't around to provide advice or to at least, help me.  She loved me as a friend, and we will always be friends no matter what.  And she right now might be wishing with her husband that I find the right girl for me.  Even when she rejected me before we dated, she always said, "There's always other girls Sean, why me?"

What happened was simple.  I met my ex-girlfriend again, we were friends again.  She moved on from the wound her heart was in.  We almost rekindled the same passion but... we just moved on because we had to move on.  In fact, she was even more than ready to encourage me.  She didn't taunt me when I saw my so-called first crush again, she merely said, "Well that was only puppy love.  Because if you loved her, you would have embraced her no matter how ugly…

Life After My First Ex-Girlfriend's Marriage

Reevaluating myself... why did I really like her back in High School?  The real issue was that I was planning to use her as one of my "trophies" and... to well get even with my so-called first crush.  I wanted a Chinese wife to make sure that my standing will improve.  Again, it was also part of a monetary scam that if I marry into her family, I can slowly dig out their wealth.  What really happened was that it was a relationship of convenience but fortunately, it didn't become a marriage of convenience.  I can't imagine being married for the sake of convenience.  At the same time, I wanted her because I wanted revenge on the "campus queen" at the same time.

In a way the relationship was similar to Gai and Kaori in Jetman but it had some negative sides to it.  In a way, she would have started to bring out the "better me" and the start of end of it was for the better.  It was a balancing force.  At first, it was a frustrating courtship because she…

Recent Amy Jo Johnson Picture for December 29, 2014

Still aging gracefully as usual... 

Transforming Babuyan Islands Into... the Pinoypines or Better Yet Failippines!

At first, I thought of finding some uncharted island for Failipino activists to create their own separate state.  Instead, I had the fun of thinking what if Babuyan Island or the islands above can be their separate state.  So what's a Failipino?  They are the population of bad Pinoys who have that misguided sense of nationalism, they usually hate foreigners and they think they are the greatest race on Earth.  They believe that they are more capable than the already incompetent politicians or two, they are already thinking that the Philippines should only be for Pinoys, not for other ethnic groups.  So I guess the Babuyan Islands should be their possible place for a nation OR just one of the islands.  Either way, it might actually "solve" the leftist problem.

I started to think of the whole problem of Pinoy ahem Failipino leftists.  Not every Pinoy is a Failipino, some are decent minded and open-minded ones.  On the other hand, I started to think about what Failipino lef…

Another Short-Term Date After My Ex-Girlfriend...

Well news of my first ex-girlfriend who I'm still friends with having tied the knots isn't hurting me.  On the other hand, much of my life has revealed that I've been acting wantonly.  In fact, I have had another short-term relationship but it wasn't a relationship out of convenience.  I dated a girl who looks like Karen Mok for a year or two.  It was actually a distant relationship considering we were campuses apart.  So it didn't really work out too well because we both decided to focus on a low level relationship.  But one thing was certain, I was cheating on her which was another reason why we broke up.  It's one bad relationship after the other - one dating for revenge and then a short-term relationship that was me two-timing, three-timing, etc.

So I really thought how many nights were spent on Yahoo and me going to meet her for short times.  She trusted me and I broke that trust.  I couldn't get over what I did especially when I had treated her as a …

Satirical News: President Nobita Gets Butthurt Christmas Letter From Santa Claus!

President Nobita reads the letter from Santa Claus

President Nobita after declaring persona non-grata on Santa Claus got a letter along with a truck full of coal.  It was a reminder to him he was always naughty.  Santa Claus wrote the letter translated by a Filipino elf.  For the sake of non-Tagalog speakers, the letter was translated into English.  It said:

Dear President Nobita,

I offer you no apologies because you were always a naughty boy and until now, you still are so this time I leave you a truck full of coal to remind you to straighten up your act.  I cannot help but not ignore the pleas of every Filipino who wants a transparent government so I gave them copies of my naughty and nice list.  Your administration has always been lousy.  True Gloria Abobo was also in the naughty list during her administration but this year, she has made it to the nice list.  She has accidentally exposed you for the naughty boy you really are.  You should stop blaming her for your mistakes and face y…

Why Breaking Up With My Ex Was a Good Thing!

I had my thoughts on my ex-girlfriend's engagement and congratulating her for her upcoming marriage, I remembered my difficult courtship only to split up with her... everything.  And I thought of some troubles that were avoided by breaking up with her.  So what was it?  I escaped having parents-in-law who would suck out my cash.  A dad who operates a sleaze club, a mom who's overly game... hmmmm... I had to figure out I should have given up on her much earlier.

I have to admit she dated me perhaps out of sympathy and convenience.  She knew I was having trouble with the "campus queen" or "Lady Deathstrike", she wasn't even accepted by her suitor's mom.  I guess it was all but sympathy and convenience.  I guess she didn't love me either.  Maybe she felt like she always needed a man (not good) and it became a relationship of convenience.  It could have become a marriage of convenience that would land into a disaster.  If we got married, things cou…

Leaving Behind the Past... and More!

So I have had long reconciled with my ex-girlfriend, she's engaged to someone else and I have no hard feelings against her since the romance died down with the relationship (plus it spared me from getting into a dysfunctional family).  I find myself having had made peace with my so-called first crush, I have sorted out my heart and have realized I may not have any need for revenge anymore.  After all, my high school rival had also lost interest in one of the girls we fought for namely the "campus queen".  I have even lost interest with the "campus queen" and in spite of no longer liking her, I have reconciled with her.

Now for some possible brides-to-be:

On the other hand, I still find myself in love with some girl who looks like Haruka Suenaga... and more of a real life Sakura Nishihori.  I feel like in a rather difficult attraction since I wanted her for the wrong reasons.  It was a difficult problem that I had to encounter especially I stalked her like crazy…

Dream Match: A White Woman vs. the Typical Chinese Mother-in-Law!

Perhaps one interesting battle that is worth seeing is how China must face change.  So Chinese men are having a hard time finding wives in China (thanks to male chauvinism in the past) and some fly west and never to return.  Now let's just think... what if the Chinese man decides to marry a white woman much to the chagrin of the Chinese family?  It's one battle I really want to see.

In old Chinese values, the mother-in-law has the most amount of authority.  It really sucks.  WIth China progressing, women know their rights but like every person who knows their rights, it's very possible to abuse your rights.  The mother-in-law is one person who can become a Woman Hitler.  So Chinese women today are no longer taught to be meek and quite (GOOD) but the problem can be those who were left behind by the old generation.

So I always thought... I really like the idea of Chinese marrying whites and what if one day, Madame Chinese Woman Hitler DOES NOT GET a Chinese daughter-in-law…

What About Splitting the Philippines Into Two Separate States?!

Whenever I read some of history like China's splitting from Taiwan and how Korea split into two separate nations, is splitting the Philippines into two the ONLY solution?  Provided the Philippines is a country of mixed people... Failipinos and enlightened Filipinos.  So here's some amendmetns that may be possible for Philippine territorial laws.

Now remember many nations are near each other.  Spain and Portugal is just one island.  Malaysia is near the Philippines but it's not part of Philippine territory.  Japan is near China but it's not Chinese territory.  I mentioned earlier that Taiwan used to be part of China but now it's a separate state.  Looks like the only way to divide the Failipinos from decent Filipinos is to split the country into North Philippines (Luzon) while the rest of the Philippines is the South Philippines.

I have noticed a bit... most of the FLIFPAG leftists are found in Luzon while enlightened Filipinos are abundant in the Visayas.  So I had…

Vanessa Hessler Pictures for December 19, 2014

Here's some Vanessa Hessler pictures for today...
Red hot beauty!

She's naturally gorgeous!

Has It Been Some Bad Years for Tokusatsu or Just Age Related?

I can admit turning 30 means a lot of stuff as a single guy.  I am now thinking about how Super Sentai and Power Rangers are as of late.  To cope up with disappointment, Kamen Rider Gaim was a nice retreat with Gen Urobuchi.  Now here's what I'm thinking as of late - Gobusters, Power Rangers Samurai, Kyoryuger, Power Rangers Megaforce/Super Megaforce and ToQGer.  Sad to say but I think I'm already getting bored and I tend to stick with mostly old school.

Gobusters was really one season I had high expectations from.  I had positive hopes for the series especially with the return of Yasuko Kobayashi.  I felt like I wanted to watch it knowing it would return back to its serious roots.  But sad to say, the story spun around in circles.  I felt like it was Sentai's own version of Faiz, great potential but bad execution.  You had the first half always focused on protecting Enetron, then we have the Messiah Cards then... I really admit nothing really pleased me at all.  The…

Satirical News: President Nobita Declares Persona Non Grata on Santa Claus!

Santa Claus reveals Nobita's name was always in the naughty list!!!!

After Santa Claus revealed the "Naughty and Nice List" to the public under the request of decent Pinoys.  Santa Claus processed the documents from the North Pole, he revealed a lot of truths he had neglected about President Nobita for years.  It was revealed that President Nobita never got a gift from Santa Claus because he was always in the naughty list.

Past classmates and teachers of President Nobita revealed many of Nobita's gross offenses as a child.  Mrs. Claus exclaimed, "That little boy must not get a present!" whenever President Nobita was mentioned.  It was revealed Nobita was lazy, cheating during exams, he also showed favoritism and free rode on his parents a lot.  Letters were written to Santa Claus complaining how Nobita was frequently a naughty boy.  What was later found at the Hacienda Luisita was that President Nobita always got coal every Christmas but not just a stocking…

My Decade and A Few Years Feud with A Cousin Who's Like Loki!

Let me tell you the story of a decade and a few years feud with my cousin who's like Loki I refer to him as Loki, the god of mischief.  As a child, he played cruel pranks that when he grew up, he becomes a real con artist and a cruel prankster of malice.  Which of course, I really wanted to get even with him, even to the point of killing him in cold blood.

Year after year, he really ruined my vacation.  He always came and ruined my vacation.  I looked forward to vacation but he came, ruining my vacation.  I've had a horrid childhood ever since he came and I wanted to make sure he wasn't born.  He always messed me up.  I tried to make peace with him but the hate was always there.  He always ruined things big time and he was really a menace.  He stole money here and there to finance his shenanigans and his evil witch of a mother always made me the scapegoat for her son.

I thought I would get revenge.  Yes, I wanted to end his life for good.  I could describe him as "ma…

It Was More Than About Time to Let Go!

All I can say is that it's was more than about time to let it go.  I wasted much of my time crying and realizing that I was lying to myself about my "one true love".  Why didn't I even bang my keyboard when I realized she was engaged and now married?  It was obvious that it was a huge lie or two, I have moved on from her.  Also, I hate to admit that so much for all my fancy statements.  While I said, "I'll never love another no matter what.", I was scared to look at her homely appearance the last time we met proving I was lying.

I could still remember it seared into my head when my so-called former best friend claimed her.  I hated him for it.  He claimed he had her and all.  Later on, he still continued to claim the same claim for some reason.  Worse, he nudged on my head on the issue of my real first crush.  I just hated it when my denial for the other girl and me wanting my so-called first crush was revealed.  Reasons were obvious... it was all borde…

Making Your Pictures "Pop Out"

So far, I have tried another experiment with making 3D pictures in Photoshop. Here's Victoria Justice going to go 3D.

So how was this done?  Here are the steps:

.) Open any file in Adobe Photoshop.
2.) Duplicate the background twice.
3.) For the first duplicated layer, turn off red and name it cyan and as for the second layer, turn off green and blue and name it "red".
4.) Now for the meantime, turn off the visibility of the second layer. Start to move the first duplicated layer, make sure the red outlines are at the right.
5.) Darken the first layer.
6.) For the second layer, darken the layer. Start moving either left or right. Try to prevent any red/green lines from appearing by moving in between the two duplicated layers.
7.) Remember it takes trial and error to do so.

Here's my finished work with no red/green lines. This is 3D pictures without the need for the red/cyan glasses.

Satirical News: Sayaka Akimoto's Berating of Kornina Sanchez Launches Butthurt in the Philippines at Massive Scale!

The war rages on as butthurts want a persona non-grata against Sayaka Akimoto!

Sayaka Akimoto who berated Kornina Sanchez for wishing the typhoon to hit Japan and spare the Philippines may not easily get out of the jungle. Her tweets caused a huge butthurt scale in the Philippines for berating Kornina and ABiaS-CBN. Some butthurt ultranationalist Pinoys who once called her "kabayan" because she is half-Filipino, now demand AKB48 to be banned forever from the Philippines.

"This is unfair. She is half-Filipino and she berates her other half. It is part of being Filipino to stand by your fellow Filipino no matter what. That is Pinoy Pride!" said an angry member of Migraine International. The person wished to remain anonymous but flashed "F*CK YOU SAYAKA AKIMOTO!" for the tweets against Kornina and ABiaS-CBN.

Doraemar Roxas commented on the matter, "How dare Sayaka Akimoto attack my wife Kornina. Oh come on, can't she take a little joke?" Roxas …

Satirical News: Sayaka Akimoto Berates Kornina Sanchez for Wishing Typhoon to Hit Japan Only!

Sayaka Akimoto's priceless reaction against Kornina Sanchez!

Sayaka Akimoto, half-Japanese and half-Filipino former AKB48 star read what Kornina Sanchez said on ABiaS-CBN. During the live broadcast, former vice president and sensationalist reporter Noli de Castro said, "Half of Philippines, half of Japan." Kornina replied, "Let Japan have all the typhoon, they can handle it better." She had responded on her Twitter account. She purposely wrote the entry in Tagalog to make sure only people who spoke the language understood.

On Twitter she wrote in Tagalog, "Kornina Sanchez, I hope the storm will take you away! You are a disgrace to every decent Pinoy out there!" The tweet created outrage in the Internet. Fans of ABiaS-CBN all trolled Sayaka's account. However she chose not to respond to them directly. Instead she wrote in Tagalog, "Failipinos are such sore losers, a disgrace to every decent Pinoy especially those who follow Kornina so blindly.…

I Realized It... I Was NEVER Truly In Love With My So-Called First Crush!

I need to be honest with myself that I was never truly in love with my so-called first crush. I was only wanting her for stupid reasons. I'll admit she wasn't even attractive or anything, maybe I did have feelings for her but they were nothing more than "approval stamps" and "quest for power". Which I started to think of why I even wanted her.

So how can I say that it was never a love story? Nothing can be farther from the truth when you have a crush on someone with an immature mind. Another, I wanted to have her because her family were big time businessmen. Also, she was Chinese so it was a plus. Even if she was homely to look at, still it was definitely a plus for any Chinese guy to have her for a groom. But the issue was... I wasn't truly in love with her nor with any other crushes in the past. Wanting to marry someone for power or convenience is lame and not to mention, stupid.

Why was I deeply hurt when my former best friend wanted her? Was it be…

Vanessa Hessler Pictures for December 3, 2014

In spite of stress, here's something to destress me!
She's got such a charming smile!
A really hot cover girl!

Crazy Idea: The Misadventures of Kimberly and Mei

My own fantasy has Rin Takanashi and Erina Nakayama team up in a series called "The Misadventures of Kimberly and Mei".  While they are NOT Kimberly from MMPR and Mei from Zyuranger but some characteristics were ported.  Now for character overview...

Kimberly Haro- Haro is a pun on "Hart".  She is somewhat based on Kimberly from MMPR but a more mature one.  She's a pre-school teacher who loves kids (although she also teaches Nihonggo), she has a nice singing voice and can play the guitar.  Like Kimberly, she doesn't hesitate to be blunt to anyone who annoys her.  Due to her profession as a teacher, she has become less fashionable although she does get trendy as well outside of work.  Like Kimberly in MMPR, her fighting ability isn't all that great but she can fight.  She uses a kendo stick to fight against perverts.  She was named Kimberly by her American mother making her half-American, half-Japanese... and she holds both Japanese and American citizen…

Do Filipinos Wonder Why The Philippines Has NO DIRECTION?!

Don't worry!  If you failed to meet One Direction... you can still meet these guys!

The poster above says it all, "Ever wonder why this country has No Direction?"  For starters, the Philippines had developed the foundations of oligarchy, corrupt governance and bad spending during the Macoy Administration.  Although the late Cory's administration began to write laws against political dynasties (a law not so well implemented), freedom of speech and re-establishing democracy... even she refused to re-run to keep her word.  But the problem has to be her retarded son President Nobita.

So what are the reasons why the Philippines has No Direction?  Let's look at the following areas:

Irresponsible Leadership

There's no doubt that the Philippines is plagued with irresponsible leadership.  While Philippine GDP is increasing BUT one cannot deny that President Nobita is not even fit for presidency.  You cannot trust a child in an adult's body for a President.  Just t…