Leaving Behind the Past... and More!

So I have had long reconciled with my ex-girlfriend, she's engaged to someone else and I have no hard feelings against her since the romance died down with the relationship (plus it spared me from getting into a dysfunctional family).  I find myself having had made peace with my so-called first crush, I have sorted out my heart and have realized I may not have any need for revenge anymore.  After all, my high school rival had also lost interest in one of the girls we fought for namely the "campus queen".  I have even lost interest with the "campus queen" and in spite of no longer liking her, I have reconciled with her.

Now for some possible brides-to-be:

On the other hand, I still find myself in love with some girl who looks like Haruka Suenaga... and more of a real life Sakura Nishihori.  I feel like in a rather difficult attraction since I wanted her for the wrong reasons.  It was a difficult problem that I had to encounter especially I stalked her like crazy.  I only wanted her because she was a popular girl... pretty, sexy, intelligent... and what more can I ask?  I felt like she was a trophy to be won than a person to be loved.  In fact, even my ex-girlfriend supported my desire for this girl.  Personalities are pretty incompatible though. =P

On the other hand, I might actually end up with my friend who's had lots of suitors and HASN'T DATED ANYONE.  I guess she's aware of the fact she's being pursued as a trophy.  I was thinking is she the one?  She's half-Spanish and somewhat resembles Rin Takanashi.

On the other hand, I still think my half-Swiss friend is my current dream girl.  In my case, I am now more enamored with her personality than her good looks.  She's a nice person and she might be my key to starting a wholesome relationship.  Gotta remember though.. appearance is just a bonus!