My Decade and A Few Years Feud with A Cousin Who's Like Loki!

Let me tell you the story of a decade and a few years feud with my cousin who's like Loki I refer to him as Loki, the god of mischief.  As a child, he played cruel pranks that when he grew up, he becomes a real con artist and a cruel prankster of malice.  Which of course, I really wanted to get even with him, even to the point of killing him in cold blood.

Year after year, he really ruined my vacation.  He always came and ruined my vacation.  I looked forward to vacation but he came, ruining my vacation.  I've had a horrid childhood ever since he came and I wanted to make sure he wasn't born.  He always messed me up.  I tried to make peace with him but the hate was always there.  He always ruined things big time and he was really a menace.  He stole money here and there to finance his shenanigans and his evil witch of a mother always made me the scapegoat for her son.

I thought I would get revenge.  Yes, I wanted to end his life for good.  I could describe him as "malevolence incarnate" though it sounds exaggerated.  I always viewed him as a threat to remove from the world, even if it means crossing the line.  I blamed him for everything that went wrong with my life.  He was always there to mess my life every summer, the time I was away from school and it was time to have fun.  But he always ruined it.  He always used his excuse that he was among the lower class.  I always hated him to the point that I wanted to kill him.  But it wasn't easy to expose his double-sided character who pretended to be good in front of others while revealing his evil when nobody is looking.

So what are the reasons behind his mischief?  He's probably a bored person.  Worse, his mother always covers him up.  It's getting tired with all his so-called redemptive qualities.  But as of right now, we are distanced from each other.  Although I have decided not to pursue revenge, it doesn't mean I am going to hang out with him.  It's nothing personal... I am just trying to avoid stooping down to his level.  I just realize getting may make me worse than he is.