Still Seeking for a Chinese Wife or Never Mind?

I always thought about marriage and should I still look for a Chinese wife or should I seek to intermarry?  To be honest, I find all the Chinese traditions stupid, that Chinese aesthetics can just be enjoyed by anybody.  I always thought about it that a lot of Chinese-to-Chinese marriages aren't working while other intermarriages aren't working.  And I would have to admit that all my flings were usually a result of the stupid "programming" that only Chinese to Chinese never mind compatibility.

When it came to my ex-girlfriend, we both shared the same surnames in Chinese so it wasn't allowed while in older Chinese customs, first cousins may marry back then IF they don't have the surnames.  It was something both me and her shared the same surname so my relatives didn't like the idea either because of some stupid belief.  In my case, we both moved on because of incompatibility reasons and her being married (her hubby is not Chinese) now is proof she's moved on.  I've moved on from her and yet, we have remained friends even after that.

Even if I have moved on from her, remaining friends with her meant she cared about me as a friend.  One of the things she told me is, "Really Sean, it's baloney you just date after Chinese because... of some stupid age old tradition!  Besides, I'm not surprised you've been going after that half-Swiss girl.  I hope you two can work things out.  Should I remind you and that girl you wanted revenge on?  She was Chinese right?  Besides, if you date Chinese, make sure it's because you truly love the girl.  You better ignore all those B.S. and choose whatever is right.  And I don't think you really liked your so-called first crush, you probably were just under the influence of B.S."

It had me thinking that it's really best to find compatibility over ethnicity.