What About Splitting the Philippines Into Two Separate States?!

Whenever I read some of history like China's splitting from Taiwan and how Korea split into two separate nations, is splitting the Philippines into two the ONLY solution?  Provided the Philippines is a country of mixed people... Failipinos and enlightened Filipinos.  So here's some amendmetns that may be possible for Philippine territorial laws.

Now remember many nations are near each other.  Spain and Portugal is just one island.  Malaysia is near the Philippines but it's not part of Philippine territory.  Japan is near China but it's not Chinese territory.  I mentioned earlier that Taiwan used to be part of China but now it's a separate state.  Looks like the only way to divide the Failipinos from decent Filipinos is to split the country into North Philippines (Luzon) while the rest of the Philippines is the South Philippines.

I have noticed a bit... most of the FLIFPAG leftists are found in Luzon while enlightened Filipinos are abundant in the Visayas.  So I had my idea of how the Philippines can be if it split into two nations like Korea became North and South.  So let's think of what happens when we have the North Philippines (Luzon) and South Philippines (the rest of it).

The North Philippines may still have Imperial Manila as its capital.  It will continue with its sore loser policies like continuing persona non grata on anyone who offends them, their economic protectionist policies and everything that prevents the whole nation from moving forward.  This is an independent state for a group of ungrateful losers who can't see the Visayas saves the Philippines.  They are always sore losers and you might think they might become another North Korea sooner or later.  Sooner or later, it may become the Bangladesh of Southeast Asia with all its rampant crime rate.  They can go ahead and campaign "It's More Fun in the North Philippines Than the South Philippines" but still go bankrupt.

On the other hand, the rest of the Philippines now the South Philippines.  So if the progressive areas of the Philippines will use Mindanao properly, one may think of how South Philippines will progress.  You may soon see the repeal of the 60/40 policy, cleaning up the place, become more open to foreign investment which will show what the Philippines as a whole could have been.  It might become a second Singapore or Taiwan because of its better policies.  Maybe, even trouble in Mindanao will be solved for the better because of a united South Philippines.  It may even become a real tourist haven like South Korea is today.