Satirical News: Sayaka Akimoto's Berating of Kornina Sanchez Launches Butthurt in the Philippines at Massive Scale!

The war rages on as butthurts want a persona non-grata against Sayaka Akimoto!

Sayaka Akimoto who berated Kornina Sanchez for wishing the typhoon to hit Japan and spare the Philippines may not easily get out of the jungle. Her tweets caused a huge butthurt scale in the Philippines for berating Kornina and ABiaS-CBN. Some butthurt ultranationalist Pinoys who once called her "kabayan" because she is half-Filipino, now demand AKB48 to be banned forever from the Philippines.

"This is unfair. She is half-Filipino and she berates her other half. It is part of being Filipino to stand by your fellow Filipino no matter what. That is Pinoy Pride!" said an angry member of Migraine International. The person wished to remain anonymous but flashed "F*CK YOU SAYAKA AKIMOTO!" for the tweets against Kornina and ABiaS-CBN.

Doraemar Roxas commented on the matter, "How dare Sayaka Akimoto attack my wife Kornina. Oh come on, can't she take a little joke?" Roxas started to dress up Doraemon during his last campaign session. He also said, "I demand an apology from Sayaka Akimoto or we may be forced to declare persona non-grata even if she has relatives in this country!"

Bobo Muna representative Tongressman Neri Cuckonares had prepared a law to ban AKB48 from the Philippines. Earlier, an AKB48 extension was supposed to happen to the Philippines but he wants to call a ban for it. He said in Tagalog, "It's already bad enough foreigners are already taking over music and movies. Now they dare to insult our fellow Filipino, Kornina Sanchez. It's best we declare persona non-grata against Sayaka Akimoto. I don't care if she met with Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. and she is the goodwill ambassador between Japan and the Philippines. What she did was uncalled for to berate Kornina Sanchez! PINOY PRIDE!"

Tourism secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. commented, "It's upsetting why this had to happen. On this side, Kornina should apologize to Japan. It's a ruin of relations for tourism. President Nobita is planning to go to Japan to attend the Anime Convention, Instead he may have to go there to apologize to Japan for the actions of Kornina Sanchez. If this butthurt continues, it would be impossible to promote the slogan to the world any further."

Meanwhile in the Senate, Bum Aquino was angry over the proposal. Considering he and Koichi Suckamoto plan to make a joint venture in the Philippines, he said, "Why should everyone be mad at the tweets she made? If Japan was hit by the typhoon, it might ruin all the quality Japan Adult Videos out there. Besides, me and Koichi are pals now. Why should they keep getting mad with Japan when Koichi is here to show Filipinos how to make better movies." Plans for Suckamoto and Bum to create their joint venture film company are underway.

President Nobita refused to sign the "Ban AKB48" bill. He said, "I will not sign anything that will get me in bad favor with Japan. Besides, I am planning to attend the Anime Convention there."