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Wishful Thinking: Wanting to Make Peking Duck!

Well I was thinking of the time I ate Peking duck in an occasional basis or in any gatherings at Shanghai or Beijing, I really say that it's a tasty treat.  All I can say is that the duck skin, the duck meat, the lotus pancakes and the hoison sauce... they all do make a really good combination for a luxurious meal.  I just thought that it'd be fun for me to watch this video seeing how Peking duck is actually made.  Enjoy the demonstration which is fortunately in English for all who can't understand Chinese.  Woohoo!

Emma Roberts New Hair

I kinda say that I'm going to have to get used to Emma Roberts' new hairdo.  Hmmmm... I'm not very used to seeing bangs on her but maybe I will.  I mean my favorite Japanese actress Rin Takanashi has bangs after all.  I think it'll look better IF she had longer hair here.  Oh well... just a thought to her new hairdo.  Well I just had my thoughts that she looked better without bangs IMO.

Just A Thought- Trina Vega's Delusions ARE FUNNY

I may not be a big fan of Victorious nor am I a big fan of Daniella Monet (although credits to her for being Tootie in Grow Up Timmy Turner) but I can't help but laugh at Trina while she annoys her fellow characters. I just thought that Nickelodeon may not be that cool anymore (yeah right, in fact most of my chosen cast for Super Sentai vs. Nickelodeon are from the past like Unfabulous because of Emma Roberts and also because of Nicktoons Unite featuring Spongebob, Danny Phantom, Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron) but still, watching Trina Vega screw up is fun.

Cheap vs. Affordable- Where I Draw the LINE!

I was thinking of writing and rambling on one issue- it's cheap vs. affordable.  Here are the definitions:


Relatively low in costCharging low pricesObtainable at low interestAchieved with little effortSmall valuePoor qualityWorthy of no respectStingy
Being with the financial means of most peopleCosting little
So there are cheap vs. affordable goods and services.  The difference is this- cheap goods and services are inferior in quality so they cost LESS than usual, affordable goods cost less but not less than usual because they are offered still at a high price (to a certain extent) while it can't be considered as expensive.  I certainly look for affordable services but NOT cheap.  I would not want to hire CHEAP repairmen because it would mean a job not well done vs. the affordable services where it may cost more (but much less than overrated pricing) but the value is WORTH it.  This is quite an opposition to the Krusty Krabs Philosophy of avoiding spending at…

The Baguio Strawberry Jam

I could remember just a decade ago, I went to Baguio for a vacation and there was this delicious strawberry jam with all the whole strawberries in its mixture, produced in a native environment.  All I could say with that variety of strawberry jam was yum, yum and yum because of it's tasty tinge.  However it was too bad I couldn't get that much though, because it was so delicious and it meant I would have to pay for excess luggage.  I could really say that it's a special treat worth giving and for the foreigners, worth buying by the boxes!

I just thought this is how I feel towards it...

It's EXTREMELY DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!  I must have more of it!  Seriously, it's time to appreciate the native products of good quality too!

Just Starting to Enjoy Victorious

Okay I'm not much of a Latina fan nor do I find Victoria Justice my type, but she's not a detestable person so I am enjoying it.  Well perhaps it's a good thing I'm not attracted to Victoria Justice (or am I) but the show is hardly annoying to me.  Well here's the comedic part...

The incredibly delusional Trina Vega, Tori Vega's big sister.  I just thought of it that she's pretty delusional with her skills, kinda like Squidward but pretty on the more tolerable side.  No not really.  But still, I can never forget her failed auditions. :P

Smart Bacon....

I just thought that my smart mother had managed to find bacon alternatives.  Instead of the usual greasy pork bacon, she's found....

My moms saw the turkey bacon as the new breakfast alternative.  Well it's understandable knowing that we are a family of people getting overweight.  And she also might want to try...

Gluten bacon!!!!  Well I am looking forward to this than buying myself some video game accessories.  Video games, that can come later or not at all. But vegan... hmmm... I'm becoming a spoiled brat to that kind of food- vegan vegan vegan seems to be my new mindset for now.

Now Here's Why the Line GOT TOO LONG!!!!

I experienced long lines, nothing wrong with that.  However in this picture, we see why the line has gotten too long.  It was just like my comparison of that irritating woman who was still doing her make-up in the wrong place in the wrong time.  Just imagine a lot of people were lining up for validation of their library cards YET she was still doing all her unnecessary work.  I hope that this will create some attention towards everyone and seriously, why does it usually have to be women???!!!!  Now here's what the pseudo-nationalists are most likely to defend as just and proper when IT IS NOT!!!!

A Charming Old Photo of Amy Jo Johnson

Well I'm just reminded of the time I watched Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (yeah well, I kinda may not want to rewatch the show) but here's a picture of that childhood crush with a charm.  I just thought though it's nice to review some childhood memories... or not.  Hee hee.

Just Some Thoughts of Rhian and Her Mom...

I just thought that Rhian's mother was also shocked about the abortions, knowing that even if her daughter didn't listen to her, she knew better what was happening nor did she elope or anything.  Seriously I give my kudos to her.  I guess she's been doing research and despite Rhian's shortcomings, she raised her well.  Seriously thanks Auntie Clara for all you did.

Rhian well let's just hope you don't make any more mistakes.  I guess she's learned her lesson.

Customer is Always RIGHT?! Not Always!!!!

Just try to read the plaque above.  Seriously, I remembered being told the customer is always right.  However that is ridiculous.  Everybody has rules the follow.  If the service provider is to be gentle with the customer, then customers ought to be gentle as well following the golden rule of doing to others what we want others to do to them and not doing unto others what we don't want others to do unto them.  Sadly, some customers are just too self-serving and think they own the place.  So I really gave a thought that to treat the customer as if they are always right means the following can be tolerated:

Giving up the first come, first served basis for rude customers and letting them cut lines.Letting the customer have bad credit all he/she cares.  Allowing the customer to badmouth and quarrel staff personnel rather than be professional in relaying one's complains to the manager.Letting the customer break rules that can affect other customers.  For example, smoking in a no sm…

Yellow Cornmeal

I really admit while I'm not fond of white cornmeal, I really took the liking for yellow cornmeal which some people think I'm pretty weird for liking it.  However what these people don't even realize is that yellow corn is far more nutritious than the more expensive white corn.  Sure it seems yellow corn is for the lower class and that white corn is for the higher class, however what they miss is that yellow cornmeal is no fool's gold.  It's a nutritious, tasty meal that is used to prepare some of the best testing dishes called polenta.  I seriously got into polenta that was considered a poor man's meal, is actually lifting my taste buds.

Well here's polenta, a really tasty dish most people fail to value its taste and flavor because of a stupid mindset that it's cheap so it doesn't taste good.  I even refuse to call this cheap.  It's affordable.  And to be honest, polenta is so good you shouldn't miss it.

Getting too Choosy on Rice?


Just Bitter Irony- They'd Rather Listen to A Faker!

It's really something people today would rather settle for "fakes" than the "real deal".  Likw how?  Well one can examine the real bitter irony behind Rhian's REAL tears vs. Mo Twisted's video that won the hearts of millions with this obviously suspicious picture...

WTF this guy is smiling???!!!!  The supposed "abortion video" had a lot of loopholes into it.  Smiling?  WTF?  Seriously.  I viewed much of that trash, it's a lot more painful than sitting down through an episode Power Rangers Samurai or Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (both horrid seasons) but due to this being a real life issue, it's far more horrid than horrid fiction.  13:24 minutes of such horror?!  Oh boy!

So it's only fair that...

Ogie Alcasid mock him to death and also...

Sexy Rhian with Less Makeovers

I just enjoy Rhian Ramos Howell with less make-up and more of herself.  Here are some photos to prove that...

Georgina WIlson for Cosmopolitan 2012

Here's Gloria Diaz's niece, Georgina Wilson for Cosmopolitan photoshoot for February 2012.  Okay I DO NOT read the publications nor do I endorse it but I find this video alluring.  Guilt trip.. gush!!!!!!

When in Blazes Will This Twisted Guy Stop?!

I really can't believe the nerve of this guy after he's destroyed my favorite actress Rhian Ramos Howell with various false accusations that were later disproved by Singaporean abortion laws, he has proceeded to attack more people.  I don't know but seriously this is also a big line drawer...

There's the Troy Montero vs. DJ Mo incident now.  Wow doesn't this guy know when to stop?  I seriously have to admit his smile is but a fake mask, one way or another.  Oh boy is this guy too much!  Troy Montero might just be the man to stand up to this guy!

Dinner Party at Shanghai

I personally thought that with my trips, a dinner party is kind of a nice thing especially when a nice Chinese chick or more happens to be in the crowd- hopefully I'll get one available for a date :P.  I just admit that it's a shame to how many baby girls were thrown out as unwanted children when such girls could have grown up to be the hot chicks in China.  In Shanghai, fortunately the population density of women is not as scarce compared to the more traditional provinces.  And during those Shanghai dinner parties, there's a high chance to meet such a hot Chinese girl like the one pictured above.

Well here's some of Shanghai's music which I really did enjoy...

Zhou Xuan's delightful music is seldom played as she is one of Shanghai's most valued icons.