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Why I Think That Kougami Foundation NOT Vaglass is a Closer Representation of Saban!

Just my iffy post to those who really wrote about Saban being symbolized by Vaglass which it really PALES one way or another.  So while OOO was produced during the time Toei was probably in the process of transferring the rights of Power Rangers from Disney to Saban again (this was in 2010-2011).  So let's get started...

Kosei Kougami like Haim Saban is a big time businessman and philanthropist.  In OOO, Kosei Kougami is a pretty well-known businessman.  In real life, Haim Saban is also pretty well-known as a businessman.  I guess the guy himself, Haim Saban is obsessed with beginnings like how he loves the birth of Power Rangers.

Erika Satonaka might be a representation of people who work at Saban who are made to "test" on Power Rangers but may actually prefer Super Sentai.  Erika tastes the cakes that Kougami makes while actually preferring spicy foods.

This is just my two cents!

Filipino-Chinese Businessmen vs. Pinoy Pridists!

Another battle for the Philippines to get real is that why are these Pinoy pridists so arrogant and proud as not to accept the Filipino-Chinese as their countrymen. So they insist on saying, "They aren't Filipino by blood, Philippines is only for the Filipinos."  That kind of attitude has also developed a degree of prejudice among Filipino-Chinese against their own countrymen who aren't Chinese by blood.  So let's get started shall we?  We need to discuss that kind of attitude that has caused the Philippines to worsen.

For one, there are more Filipino-Chinese businessmen than there are not.  You might want to consider that actually, more Chinese are business-minded than not.  True not all Filipino-Chinese are big time nationwide businessmen but they certainly provide jobs even if they weren't big somebodies.  I mean, some Filipino-Chinese businessmen consider themselves as nobodies because they don't hold huge positions in authority, they are civilians. …

Flor Contemplacion's Patrons FAIL to See The Great Contrast Between Singapore and the Philippines

Well I can't deny it but there's a big difference between Singapore a Chinese country and the Philippines.  So where's the difference?  I have friends who work in Singapore or even live there, even my ex-girlfriend who looks like Mika Katsumura (Yuri in Timeranger) works there!  Pinoy pridists still and will always overreact over the Flor Contemplacion truth and say it's a series of lies.  Just a huge contrast between Singapore and the Philippines will show why the Flor Contemplacion syndrome is STUPID at best.

Singapore is a country where almost no crime slips off.  Flor Contemplacion's trial went from 1991 to 1995 which was a thorough investigation.  If Pinoy pridists think that they don't punish their own people, THINK AGAIN.  That criminal who was known as Adrian Lim (not to be confused with other Adrian Lims), his wife and his concubine were all hanged for their crimes together with their followers. Singapore doesn't care who breaks the law, they do …

My Opinions are Subject to Change

One thing is certain, a critic refers to facts and has his/her opinions.  You might want to think of "critic" Fantasy Leader who actually has detailed criticism of some things he likes like video games and Tokusatsu.  I could be a "critic" in a way or there is the statement "Everyone's a critic but not everybody's a good one."  As said, some things are objective while some things are subjective.  A fact is a fact while an opinion is based on facts.

Here's some areas where my opinions are subject to change and I can't list them all:

Video game reviews.  I would agree with some things Angry Joe has to say like how great MK9 is.  However some people who are Tekken fans may not find the game oh so great since they are more used to Tekken's fighting engine and may consider Tekken 6 better.  As said, this is subjective to opinion.

Tokusatsu in itself.  You may use to like something before and not like it now.  For example, somebody who lik…

Celebrities First for Filipinos?

I did remember a time when I was encountering some Filipino students who were prioritizing their entertainment wants rather than their academic needs.  It should be something why do they even consider this "once in a lifetime" chance more crucial than finishing their academics so they could get a decent job?  Simple- like the Senate vs. Aguirre, it's a misplaced priority.  You can compare that to prioritizing Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre Jr.'s rather minor offense to the whole propaganda of investigating Renato Corona of his offenses.

In fact, just because Piolo Pascual or whoever hardly comes to their area is no excuse to miss out the more important things in life like getting their requirements academics or even more important BUSINESS MATTERS done rather than going to the mall for the sake of a celebrity.  I could also think of the Justin Bieber fans in the Philippines who really get as annoying as ever.  To be honest, this mugshot should prove how arrogant Justin Bie…

Pinoy Pridists and the Flor Contemplacion Syndrome

It really should be something that Pinoy pridists may have a high respect for Flor Contemplacion.  Really why do they continue to insist that the trial was rushed?  The very "testimonies" of her innocence were really nothing more than a vain attempt to make her "innocent".  So pretty much, the Flor Contemplacion movies by the media are fabricated.  I could really want to start to think about the common sense issues.  Flor Contemplacion was arrested on May 4, 1991 and executed on March 17, 1995.  There is NO WAY that such a trial and investigation could be "rush" as those Pinoy pridists would claim it to be.  So looking at it, there was a three years and three months investigation to the whole trial as it went by.  It could not be a rush trial... it was carefully investigated.

In fact, you might want to consider this a major fabrication that is the Flor Contemplacion movie.  I don't care if it won an award at the Cairo Film Festival, it is B.S. with h…

Pinoy Pridists and Defending Squatters?

Just my thought that the Anakbayan and the Bayan Muna Pinoy pride movement are actually defending the types of people that Chairman Mao Zedong would call as "filthy rats".  Now so why are they always defending squatters?  Is it part of nationalism?  In fact, some of the urban poor who work as laborers who have labored to buy a cheap parcel of land can be condemned to be near such filth.  It's a waste of effort for good workers to work hard only to have their land intruded.

Like it or not, Filipino squatters can be very, very arrogant and annoying.  They have crude conduct, their children are undisciplined, they have no respect of territorial rights even to the poor.  It should be a day of woe for the poor who labored hard to buy a piece of land only for squatters go to near it.  In short, gate crashing!  So why do the Anakbayan and Bana Muna movements want to defend them as "victims"?  Simple- they all have that idiotology (a combination of idiot and ideology)…

The Stupidity of Pinoy Pridists Who Ride on the Achievements of Successful Filipinos Overseas

The names like Lea Salonga-Chien, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Architect Leondro Locson, pianist Cecil Licad, Lydia de Vega who once was the world's fastest woman are successful Filipinos.  There's nothing wrong with a Filipino excelling in any area but the problem has to be the stupidity of Pinoy pridists and their free riding habits.  For Pinoy Pridists, they immediately say, "Ha!  We Filipinos are the greatest in the world!" which can also drive to some of them divided among themselves because some go against foreign things, the others don't which may require a sub-category for them soon.  This isn't only applicable to Filipinos but to every other race that tends to think their race is better than the others just because of one achiever from their race.

However what Pinoy pridists fail to see is this- the success of every successful Filipino should never be attributed to race but rather to talent and work.  There are successful people regardless of any race …

Reeducating Pinoy Pridists... With Caning!

Well Pinoy pridists can also be known for their lack of discipline.  You can name 30 year old Jonathan Aquino, you can name all those misbehaving Bayan Muna or whatever activists groups who do vandalism and whatever.  Now here's what I thought about how to deal with Pinoy pridists, they need more than a bright slap, they need to be caned!

Looking at Singapore's punishment for offenses like vandalism and stealing, I really suggest caning works no matter how "inhuman" it is to the rest of the world because of ultra-liberal standards.  One of the reasons why Singapore is very orderly is because of strict discipline.  I just thought that only a light rattan cane may be used and could be used to punish those Pinoy pridists and their vandalism as part of their pride and to crush it for good.

As it looks like the Philippines is also a country where vandalism is a very common crime.  Pinoy pridists also kind of like to put their protests like that.  So I guess it's time …

Aguirre's Incident: A Classic Example of Filipinos with Misplaced Priorities!

Although the case is already over but as said, this is a case of misplaced priorities.  During the lecture that Miriam Defensor Santiago spiraled out of control because of the prosecution's incompetence, one can see that Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. was NOT the only person whose attention deserved to be called.  You could take a look at all the laughing, snickering and you might as well consider texting, talking while the speaker is speaking.  After Atty. Aguirre was caught covering his ears because he can't take any more of the loud voice of Lady Senator Santiago, only he was called and what about the others?  Then they all postponed the trial to decide on his punishment which could have been merely settled with "get out of the courtroom" and admonition which would have been most proper for minor disrespect.  Besides, a lot of those prosecutors who did worse than he did actually got off again while only one takes the blame.  WTF?

So what's the point?  While I can'…

Happy Birthday Ciara Hanna!

Here's a birthday banner for Ciara Hanna I made using photoshop... =D
And an animated banner... 
Now for a dedication to her...
Video isn't mine but still want to dedicate this to her...

Do Pinoy Pridists Believe They Have "Immunity" Abroad?

After reading one incident after another involving Pinoys who got their just desserts because of what they did, why do some Pinoy pridists insist that they are oppressed?  Is it because Pinoys are a special race?  Some may think they are but they are not.  There are special Filipinos and non-special ones, just deal with it.  When you think about it, realizing that issue of Jonathan Aquino, I think he is a picture of what Pinoy pride really is, thinking they can get away because they are "Filipino" or a special people.  This is really, really something that they think they should have immunity abroad.

You might want to remember also the case of Flor Contemplacion as well as other Filipinos who were justly sentenced for their crimes.  You have to consider that those who were executed in China were really deserving it because narcotics industry is harmful for the society in itself.  Or you might want to take the whole "pity me" situation.  I can understand that Flor …

Philippines and Pollution... Just More Proof Many Pinoys Don't Follow Simple Guidelines!

Isn't the picture ugly?  Yup that is the ugly result of Pinoy pride which isn't good for the economy and there is really a lot of pride among Pinoys to them breaking the rules.  Some of them have this anarchy mindset saying, "No system can give freedom." type of nonsense.  Really, if society had no rules then all the cars will run into each other.  Unfortunately many Pinoys abuse their freedom and actually, this is the result of their so-called freedom... lots and lots of pollution.

Simple guidelines are broken and here are the consequences and they are just a few but be aware of this:

1.) Not following proper dumping procedures.  Here are some examples:
People throwing their garbage left and right and the next thing you know, you get a mess like smoky mountain.  People tend to urinate and defecate in places where they should not be allowed like rivers and streets. This can destroy the supply of drinking water and all that human waste attracts insects and rodents whi…

If Pinoys are the Greatest Race in the World, Then Why is the Philippines Hardly Improving?

It's annoying and stupid to how many percent of the Filipino race is sad to say, well pretty much bragging about their Pinoy identity (to which Joshua Cuyos now wants to differentiate Filipino from Pinoy, to where he uses Pinoy as a term for lowly Filipinos) then I was thinking about the reality of this.  I've remembered how many Filipinos say they're better than the Chinese, they are better than the Japanese, in fact they are better than the rest of the world but here's the REAL situation of the Philippines to why it doesn't improve:

The Philippines is heavy on loan because of the habit of many Pinoys who borrow money today and don't pay it back.  Mind you, that is very annoying that some of the poor do that to their fellow poor.  It's no wonder why a lot of Filipinos are heavy in debt.  What I realize is that the Philippine is heavy in debt and it still is.  You have to think that many Pinoys are overspenders... if they can't afford it they immediatel…

A Challenge to Pinoy Pridists

To be honest, all that Pinoy pride isn't helping the Philippines!  I would stress out the whole challenge of Pinoy pride.  Yup, Pinoy pride is so annoying.  I just thought of the challenge for them to do:

They must find all the "pure blood" Filipinos.  That is, get them to gather together.  Chances are how many Filipinos today have foreign blood so they should recruit the natives huh?

They must reject anything made by Filipinos who aren't Filipino by blood as evil.  I do find it awkward and hypocritical at how some Pinoy pridists hate Filipino-Chinese but still eat at places like Jollibee and go malling at SM which are owned by Filipino-Chinese.  They should do their grocery in dirty markets instead.

They must all work together towards a "pure Filipino culture" and try to live like the native Filipinos before Spanish colonization and reject whatever barter trades foreigners made during that time.  That means start eating with banana leaves as plates or use…

When I Met That Pamela Anderson Lookalike

Well time was coming when I was really or let's just say having my conflicted yearnings (between my so-called first crush and my real first crush who was treating me coldly for some time) then I ran into her.  Well not really but started seeing her at the distance thinking she was my real first crush who I had denied to myself for years.  So what really happened was, I was staring at her at a distance hoping she could be that girl but then when I looked upon her, she was all that "too hot" to be the other person.  She looks like Pamela Anderson but the untampered beauty that is, brown hair, really pretty and sexy to which she is really, really hot.  But I was kind of hesitant even to befriend her because I was well, fractured.  Or perhaps I was too yearning for that Bea Saw lookalike.

However time passed when I started to really think she is really hot.  Actually the hotness was just a bonus, she is also a pretty nice person, smarter than I am (pretty much ideal) and I …

Pamela Anderson Classic Photos For January 16, 2014

Here's more classic photos of Pamela Anderson whose beauty was sadly marred by all those surgeries.  Just a look at her natural beauty.
A teenager Pamela Anderson wasn't blonde.

From Snapdragon where she played twin sisters. Too bad it was the evil one who survived.

She used to have such a beautiful smile.

She was naturally pretty back then.

A Lot of Filipinos Tend to Take Joy in Breaking EVEN Simple Guidelines

Filipinos today are suffering of a line between those who follow simple guidelines and those who don't and this also includes the authorities.  In fact, I would like to say much of the Philippines is suffering also because of its being a democrazy, not a democracy.  Why do I say democrazy?  It's because these people choose the wrong people to lead them.  Sometimes you cannot deny it that the problem with the Philippines is also people who don't even follow follow simple guidelines.

I remembered some basic incidents even back to elementary days.  In schools were Pinoy pride is prevalent, those who usually win the class officer positions or even class president are the rulebreakers.  You can also think about how many times even schools break rules.  Sometimes, those they make their peacekeepers are delinquents in the class.  These delinquents are the type to engage in such foolishness like excessive video game playing (well I was there) or you might consider them smoking in …

Picking Between Chinese Girls and American Girls? My Choice?

I was thinking about the fact even with Oriental Fanatics Celebrities blog, I am more or less inclined to like hot white American girls.  Now just my thought or a word of caution from my friend who looks like Pamela Anderson (whose actually half of a Swiss, not American), that most Americans are overspenders that if they can't afford it, charge it directly to the credit card.  Now my thoughts on possible pros and cons:

Chinese girls

So okay we're done with the days of pathetic martyrdom.  However some traits in Chinese women may not disappear so easily like they can become overly controlling parents (like Amy Chua-Rubenfeld did have that problem as she admits it) or you could actually also think some Chinese women can have too much tradition.  Maybe not.  But seeing modernization with Chinese girls, it depends where they are located.  So far, one benefit for this is more on agreement of culture.  In America, they're being more open then again, in China women are also risin…

Why Pinoy Pride is Bad for the Filipino Economy

Pinoy pride is no doubt not helping the Philippines.  Allow me to write on why Pinoy Pride will also bad for the Filipino economy:

The overspending problem of the Philippines.  The Philippines may have some "improvement" but the problem is, it can always go back to square one.  We have the problem that can be linked with expensive fiestas and materialism as leading causes to why the Philippines is an overspending nation.  Having lots and lots of loans does not make one profitable, it adds to burden.  In fact, the Philippines has

Not having foreign help can lead to more problems than solutions.  One could consider the Philippines doesn't have the resources to beat off invasion and still they stand off in the name of pride.  The Philippines' refusal to grant 100% ownership of foreign businesses here is stupid.  I mean, why should the government co-own every foreign businesses?  Look at Singapore, Taiwan, Japan to name a few who are developed?  ThePinoy pride itself has…

What Got Me Interested in Dating a White Girl?

Although I am of Chinese descent, I did eventually take the liking to date a white girl.

When I was still quite young, I did remember having my crush on a half-Spanish girl who grew up to resemble Rin Takanashi in a way but not really.  I just thought I was afraid to admit she was my real first crush.  She used to be slightly taller than I am before.

Meanwhile I'll confess that also watching MMPR back as a child, my crush on Kimberly Hart was another reason why I was interested in dating white girls.  Stupid huh?  I would admit that for her, I really got too enamored with the fictional character's beauty to the point I even think she's hotter than most Power Rangers, Super Sentai and Kamen Rider girls. =P  That's just my opinion, no offense Mr. Smith but I disagree with your statement... hee hee.

Then of course came some severe misadventures.  I did remember watching Tool Time as a kid when Pamela Anderson wasn't all marred up.  So pretty much later in life, I was…

Stereotypical Differences Between Modern Chinese Girls and Modern American Women?

So far, with Chinese women undergoing the "balancing revolution" like them knowing their rights.  So I really thought about Chinese women and American women of today.  I guess there's much of the stereotype which can be as follows if this is really true based on this article on 12 differences between them which I want to take with a grain of salt.  Here's some I really consider and maybe what every Chinese male may want to consider:

1.) In the U.S. American woman call the husband women dear, it seems a lot of Chinese women call their husband damn.  Hmmm I wonder if this is true.

2.) Most American women don't delibrately want their men to be kind to them, Chinese women may actually seem to tell the men look at how well most American men treat their women.

3.) Most American women are grateful for men who are kind to them, most Chinese women treat it more as an obligation for men.

I don't know how true these really are since it's a matter of principle not r…

Researching On American Engagement Practices

Well I was just thinking on researching on American engagement practices.  So less than 10% delay their vows longer than two years.  So I was thinking about it, would I want it?  Just my thought that maybe I should consider my want to marry a white girl.  However it can also be bad with America to think how many "I like you now then I don't." happens especially when I heard of Miley's engagement being called off (but yeah, I never liked her).  On the other hand... I was thinking of being able to handle a mixed marriage can be tougher than it looks. =P

A Last Minute Cancellation For an Engagement on the Wedding Day?!

So it really happened that my archenemy after ALL the preparations were left, his engagement got called off and during the day of the wedding?  Wow that must have been pretty embarrassing if you ask me.  I was thinking that it really was a waste of transportation fee for him to go to South Korea (fortunately not North Korea) and get his traditional Korean engagement.  Guess what?  On the wedding day, suddenly he got left at the altar which was rather embarrassing.  I mean all the invitations were set.  What happened was that they all the guests just ate as if it was a gathering.  But the truth was, his former fiance left him for some reason.  I cannot really know the reason either it was because he was a bastard or the girl had no sense of honor or both.  I just don't know the weird reason behind the whole scenario.  Regardless, it must have been very humiliating for him and his arrogant relatives.  I don't think my faux first crush would want him either as she is now engaged…