A Last Minute Cancellation For an Engagement on the Wedding Day?!

So it really happened that my archenemy after ALL the preparations were left, his engagement got called off and during the day of the wedding?  Wow that must have been pretty embarrassing if you ask me.  I was thinking that it really was a waste of transportation fee for him to go to South Korea (fortunately not North Korea) and get his traditional Korean engagement.  Guess what?  On the wedding day, suddenly he got left at the altar which was rather embarrassing.  I mean all the invitations were set.  What happened was that they all the guests just ate as if it was a gathering.  But the truth was, his former fiance left him for some reason.  I cannot really know the reason either it was because he was a bastard or the girl had no sense of honor or both.  I just don't know the weird reason behind the whole scenario.  Regardless, it must have been very humiliating for him and his arrogant relatives.  I don't think my faux first crush would want him either as she is now engaged to an American.

Meanwhile I'm glad I was able to call off my supposed pre-arranged marriage with some girl when I was only 18 years old.  I mean, we were nearly going to marry for convenience sake but I'm glad I called it off before any preparations could happen.  Honestly speaking, it's better to cancel it even before any preparations can happen.  She was pretty high-strung so pretty much, it's better that it stays that way.

Meanwhile I just started to read on American engagement practices.  So if I would really by any luck get a hot white American girl, looks like the whole engagement period can be a decade which for me, might be cumbersome but if it's worth it, I'll get into it.  While I certainly can't get any actresses (dream on) but no harm in looking for "lookalikes".  On the other hand...

That "Rin Takanashi" lookalike was really or probably something.  In my case, she has gotten choosy about her suitors which makes me think, will she choose me?  Hee hee.  Just my thought my liking of certain actresses always makes me want to choose the lookalikes over the "originals" since it's more practical anyway.  In my case, I better make up my mind over her to avoid any further humiliation.