Flor Contemplacion's Patrons FAIL to See The Great Contrast Between Singapore and the Philippines

Well I can't deny it but there's a big difference between Singapore a Chinese country and the Philippines.  So where's the difference?  I have friends who work in Singapore or even live there, even my ex-girlfriend who looks like Mika Katsumura (Yuri in Timeranger) works there!  Pinoy pridists still and will always overreact over the Flor Contemplacion truth and say it's a series of lies.  Just a huge contrast between Singapore and the Philippines will show why the Flor Contemplacion syndrome is STUPID at best.

Singapore is a country where almost no crime slips off.  Flor Contemplacion's trial went from 1991 to 1995 which was a thorough investigation.  If Pinoy pridists think that they don't punish their own people, THINK AGAIN.  That criminal who was known as Adrian Lim (not to be confused with other Adrian Lims), his wife and his concubine were all hanged for their crimes together with their followers. Singapore doesn't care who breaks the law, they do swift justice once confirmed guilty like what they did to Michael Fay during the 90s which was a very bold thing to do.  Its government also doesn't plead innocent for any guilty Singaporean abroad.  For them, justice must be done and they don't care who the offender is even if it's a fellow Singaporean.  If you look at Singapore, it is VERY CLEAN!  When I went there, mind you that place is very, very clean!

On the other hand, the Philippines is a land FULL of injustice.  You can start from the government up to its people.  It's a land where many people don't even follow simple guidelines and it's very polluted, squatter-infested because the rules aren't enforced properly if not at all.  You can also talk about the crime rate is really very high and yet so many people don't get punished.  Squatters everywhere and it's hard to evict them because of the "humanitarian appeal" which you can say is VERY stupid.  Should I mention double standard?  They are quick to punish guilty foreigners but try to plead pardon for guilty Filipinos.  In short, the Philippines is more of a parasitic economy than a symbiotic economy.  It only absorbs, it doesn't follow give and take too.  You can try to think if the hostage crisis by the late Rolando Mendoza happened in Singapore, it would have been easily solved and that incident proved more Filipinos are incompetent.

Unless Pinoy pridists wake up, they'll never end this STUPIDITY at best!