Why I Think That Kougami Foundation NOT Vaglass is a Closer Representation of Saban!

Just my iffy post to those who really wrote about Saban being symbolized by Vaglass which it really PALES one way or another.  So while OOO was produced during the time Toei was probably in the process of transferring the rights of Power Rangers from Disney to Saban again (this was in 2010-2011).  So let's get started...

Kosei Kougami like Haim Saban is a big time businessman and philanthropist.  In OOO, Kosei Kougami is a pretty well-known businessman.  In real life, Haim Saban is also pretty well-known as a businessman.  I guess the guy himself, Haim Saban is obsessed with beginnings like how he loves the birth of Power Rangers.

Erika Satonaka might be a representation of people who work at Saban who are made to "test" on Power Rangers but may actually prefer Super Sentai.  Erika tastes the cakes that Kougami makes while actually preferring spicy foods.

This is just my two cents!