Aguirre's Incident: A Classic Example of Filipinos with Misplaced Priorities!

Although the case is already over but as said, this is a case of misplaced priorities.  During the lecture that Miriam Defensor Santiago spiraled out of control because of the prosecution's incompetence, one can see that Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. was NOT the only person whose attention deserved to be called.  You could take a look at all the laughing, snickering and you might as well consider texting, talking while the speaker is speaking.  After Atty. Aguirre was caught covering his ears because he can't take any more of the loud voice of Lady Senator Santiago, only he was called and what about the others?  Then they all postponed the trial to decide on his punishment which could have been merely settled with "get out of the courtroom" and admonition which would have been most proper for minor disrespect.  Besides, a lot of those prosecutors who did worse than he did actually got off again while only one takes the blame.  WTF?

So what's the point?  While I can't approve of what Aguirre did (and yes, he deserved admonition because what he did was wrong), why do they put "too much" priority on this minor incident that could have been dealt with immediately with mere admonition, why even make a caucus for such a minor incident?  I mean former Chief Justice Corona's trial was far more important.  And yet, the prosecutors came in very unprepared.  Although Miriam has no right whatsoever to degrade them, but she had every duty to scold them because of their incompetence.  If you listen carefully to what she had to say, she mentioned how many important evidences were dropped in the process.  It was also a waste of taxpayers' money at the same time that is why Miriam got so angry with them for their huge incompetence with the display of misplaced priorities.