Why Pinoy Pride is Bad for the Filipino Economy

Pinoy pride is no doubt not helping the Philippines.  Allow me to write on why Pinoy Pride will also bad for the Filipino economy:

The overspending problem of the Philippines.  The Philippines may have some "improvement" but the problem is, it can always go back to square one.  We have the problem that can be linked with expensive fiestas and materialism as leading causes to why the Philippines is an overspending nation.  Having lots and lots of loans does not make one profitable, it adds to burden.  In fact, the Philippines has

Not having foreign help can lead to more problems than solutions.  One could consider the Philippines doesn't have the resources to beat off invasion and still they stand off in the name of pride.  The Philippines' refusal to grant 100% ownership of foreign businesses here is stupid.  I mean, why should the government co-own every foreign businesses?  Look at Singapore, Taiwan, Japan to name a few who are developed?  ThePinoy pride itself has led to the Philippines actually being a country ran to oblivion.  I can understand the desire for independence but the problem has to be abandoning the improvements America gave to the Philippines.  Imports and exports help countries everywhere though as said, no import must exceed export in every country.  It's a give and take, not give and give or take and take.

Pinoy pridists may also look down at Filipinos who are of different ethnicity.  Like it or not, anybody who swears allegiance to the Philippines is a Filipino even if they were ethnically different.  A Filipino-Chinese is their fellow Filipino, deal with it!  A Filipino-Spanish is still a Filipino, deal with it!  I mean companies like Jollibee, Mang Inasal, SM, Ayala are not owned by ethnic Filipinos but by Filipinos who are of a different ethnicity.  Jollibee is owned by Tony Tancaktiong a Filipino-Chinese.  Plus, these guys manage to keep the Philippines from falling into a desolate state similar to the super underdeveloped ones.  I mean, if they really want their Pinoy pride then why not eat at those cheap carenderias instead of enjoying Jollibee?

If they can't handle constructive criticism how can they improve?  If you notice at the back of Atty. Aguirre, you will see somebody TEXTING during the session.  In fact, I wish they took pictures of the much bigger offenders than the covering your ears offense.  I would say that people who say Aguirre should have not apologized are proud of their bad behavior.  In the end, Aguirre admitted Miriam has great ability but needs to lower down her voice.  If you ask me, a lot more prosecutors deserved much bigger than simple admonition.

The habitual little miss late is all in the name of Filipino pride.  Punctuality is part of one's word of honor.  I mean, being late is what destroys a good amount of deals.  After all, consider the hassle the person underwent to meet the appointment ON TIME while you show up late?  Obviously being late is a sign of disrespect.  In any situation like scientific breakthroughs or tending to patients, you cannot ask time to stand still for you.  The wrong timing can kill a patient who needed to be treated immediately.  This can also be linked to procrastination or having the misplaced priorities.

Not to mention free riding is also done in the name of Filipino pride.  It's a common problem among many Filipino students to irritate their fellow fellow Filipino students with free riding.  Such people will do the "easiest work" so they can have their "contribution", do their pleasure before their work and try to gloat about the successes of Filipinos that do not belong to them.  Mind you, just because certain Filipinos succeed at something does not mean the others will succeed at it.  I mean every country has its own list of failures and successes.