Picking Between Chinese Girls and American Girls? My Choice?

I was thinking about the fact even with Oriental Fanatics Celebrities blog, I am more or less inclined to like hot white American girls.  Now just my thought or a word of caution from my friend who looks like Pamela Anderson (whose actually half of a Swiss, not American), that most Americans are overspenders that if they can't afford it, charge it directly to the credit card.  Now my thoughts on possible pros and cons:

Chinese girls

So okay we're done with the days of pathetic martyrdom.  However some traits in Chinese women may not disappear so easily like they can become overly controlling parents (like Amy Chua-Rubenfeld did have that problem as she admits it) or you could actually also think some Chinese women can have too much tradition.  Maybe not.  But seeing modernization with Chinese girls, it depends where they are located.  So far, one benefit for this is more on agreement of culture.  In America, they're being more open then again, in China women are also rising.

American girls

Not all Chinese to Chinese marriages work well.  In fact, some end in failure while other mixed marriages like Wakin Chau being married to an American worked.  Americans can be more free-minded so I was thinking, while Chinese women today are also speaking their mind, maybe American women speak their mind more since I think every woman in a relationship should be giving advice.  I'll just have to avoid stereotyping Americans.  Also America can be too full of soccer moms and cultural conflict can happen but sometimes it can be worked out.

For me it's a matter of chemistry and understand, not race though I'm pretty open to marrying a white woman.