Pinoy Pridists and the Flor Contemplacion Syndrome

It really should be something that Pinoy pridists may have a high respect for Flor Contemplacion.  Really why do they continue to insist that the trial was rushed?  The very "testimonies" of her innocence were really nothing more than a vain attempt to make her "innocent".  So pretty much, the Flor Contemplacion movies by the media are fabricated.  I could really want to start to think about the common sense issues.  Flor Contemplacion was arrested on May 4, 1991 and executed on March 17, 1995.  There is NO WAY that such a trial and investigation could be "rush" as those Pinoy pridists would claim it to be.  So looking at it, there was a three years and three months investigation to the whole trial as it went by.  It could not be a rush trial... it was carefully investigated.

In fact, you might want to consider this a major fabrication that is the Flor Contemplacion movie.  I don't care if it won an award at the Cairo Film Festival, it is B.S. with how it portrays Flor.  So pretty much, the movie wants to make Flor Contemplacion come out as an innocent victim of injustice disregarding the investigation took some time before she was confirmed guilty.  Delia Maga was a real victim, not Flor Contemplacion.  In fact, Maga's diary had actually been CAREFULLY investigated by the police in Singapore.  A lot of the film was a result of the B.S. that the directors wanted to add just to make Flor look more pitiful.  In fact, it has been an inspiration of Pinoy Pride to plead for the release of GUILTY Filipinos abroad. Really so what's next?!  I'd say if they really read the hangings at Singapore, EVEN Singaporeans who break the law get their just punishments.  The Flor Contemplacion movie would have been more believable if it happened in a Communist country like North Korea, not a democracy like Singapore!

Pinoy pridists fail to consider this- Philippines is a land FULL of injustice.  You can talk about how many Filipinos who are guilty and are supposed to be executed get away with it?  A LOT!  What about Singapore?  Singapore is one of the most meticulous and efficient in dealing with cases.  Some Filipino workers there working as professionals feel pretty safe.  You lose something, a Singaporean returns it to you when they find it.  What about the Philippines?  It's very much finders-keepers and losers-weepers economy. Really are they proud of that?  In fact, Singapore execute even their own people who break the law or just anyone.  Michael Fay broke the law, he had to be punished for severe vandalism and had to be caned.  What about in the Philippines?  Much vandalism and still nobody really gets a serious punishment!

In fact how long will Pinoy pridists continue to rally for the release of GUILTY Filipinos?  I just had will those above get their own fabricated story?  Really this has to STOP!