Celebrities First for Filipinos?

I did remember a time when I was encountering some Filipino students who were prioritizing their entertainment wants rather than their academic needs.  It should be something why do they even consider this "once in a lifetime" chance more crucial than finishing their academics so they could get a decent job?  Simple- like the Senate vs. Aguirre, it's a misplaced priority.  You can compare that to prioritizing Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre Jr.'s rather minor offense to the whole propaganda of investigating Renato Corona of his offenses.

In fact, just because Piolo Pascual or whoever hardly comes to their area is no excuse to miss out the more important things in life like getting their requirements academics or even more important BUSINESS MATTERS done rather than going to the mall for the sake of a celebrity.  I could also think of the Justin Bieber fans in the Philippines who really get as annoying as ever.  To be honest, this mugshot should prove how arrogant Justin Bieber is.  You DO NOT smile at the mugshot.  Now sorry for deviating from context but I feel like I should to show how stupid that "Celebrities first" habit of many Filipinos are.  Why should they care about the celebrities?

Somebody I knew puts her priorities towards the problems that Kris Aquino has (and she pretty much may have caused a lot of them herself) or her unhealthy infatuation with Piolo Pascual.  Really how important is her showing up compared to the life of Kris?  It was so stupid when she told her college professor she was absent because she was worried Kris' life is falling apart.  Really what does Kris have to do with her grades?  Or you could consider putting basketball games ahead of their studies.  Also why are people getting overly concerned on the case of Vhong Navarro's frameup over to that of OTHER people who suffer more or less the same situation.

As said, get real Pinoys!


  1. Apparently, the problem with PInoys is that they don't know how to "get real." So I guess I say let them die of their stupidity... :P


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