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Wanting a "Pet Raccoon"... Not Really!

Okay I'm aware of the dangers of keeping real raccoons (because they are wild animals who can maul people and they are really rabid) and two, raccoons are only meant to be left at the wild not to be cuddled as pets or eaten for consumption.  However it doesn't mean I can't have a toy raccoon like I have a toy lion, a toy tiger, a toy rabbit or a teddy bear... now I want a toy raccoon.  Here's my ideal toy I want to purchase on my own...

I could probably order this cuddly toy raccoon representing Meeko from the Disney's version of Pocahontas from e-Bay.  Well of course raccoons are obviously very naughty and mischievous and this one has got the look of trouble in its face but fortunately it's just a toy.  So yeah, I can keep this raccoon without the dangers of breaking the law because it's not real.  Raccoons are meant to be kept in the wild or sanctuaries... now here's my wish to have this "pet raccoon".  Well this raccoon won't attack pet…

Some "I'd Rather Watch This Than Hannah Montana List" List

Well here's some of my I'd rather watch these shows or franchises than Hannah Montana:

I'd rather watch Power Rangers than Hannah Montana.  True Power Rangers can get pretty dull at times for me as a Super Sentai fan (well America has a different standard) but watching Power Rangers can be a lot more tolerable than Hannah Montana.  Even Power Rangers Samurai no matter how bad it is, is still better than Hannah Montana.  Power Rangers SPD's Syd, Sky, Bridge or Jack may have annoyed me but at least they later got better eventually!  Even Power Rangers Operation Overdrive no matter how lame it was, is still a masterpiece compared to Hannah Montana.

Here's another- I'd rather watch Spongebob than Hannah Montana.  Yup, I'd rather endure Patrick Star's stupid annoyance (and his bad writing of Tokusatsu as he is credited as the writer of Super Hero Taisen and Kamen Rider Decade... joke) or Squidward or Pearl than Hannah Montana.  Okay I'd admit Spongebob&#…

Emma Roberts Photo I Found as of September 28, 2013

Well I wonder how that lucky skeleton got her?! XD  Hee hee, made me think she could be cast well as Poison Ivy or Morrigan Aensland. =P

Delicious Chili Con Carne...

Well I just had some delicious chili con carne last night.  It is made of ground beef (or you can use turkey as a substitute) and some cumin, saffron and chili powder and cooked in the frying pan but never fried which releases a very spicy smell.  It does take some delicate cooking process since something could go wrong that would make the ground beef/turkey lose its flavor when it's overcooked. So it has to be carefully cooked.  Meanwhile, I could prepare some tortilla chips or tortilla bread.  For sure, my favorite way of eating chili con carne would be to eat it wrapped in tortilla, having some nice lettuce and tomato slices going along with it.  The chili con carne of course has to be still warm and you can also add slices of cheese and jalapeno.  It really produces such a delicious taste to the mouth.  Yummy!

Why I Believe Cancelling Megaman Legends 3 Was Uncalled For

Sure Megaman Legends is a completely different Megaman from that of the regular Megaman to Megaman X storyline.  For one, people were awaiting for the whole "Elder System" thing that was activated and two, Megaman Volnutt's to be rescued from the moon.  It ticked me off to hear it was cancelled three years ago.  WTF Capcom?  Why cancel the game when the first two games were doing good?  Really, was this some conspiracy against Keiji Inafune?  I was thinking that Capcom used to be one of my favorite companies because the whole Megaman series was my favorite video game since I was little up to present.  I mean the Legends series was pretty solid and had good reviews, why on Earth should they even be so bad to get rid of the series?

Like it or not for Capcom, 100,000 people and more are strong for bringing back the project but so sad to say, Capcom has come to Crapcom with all its decisions.  That is a huge number.  If Capcom wants to make money, they should listen to the…

Emma Roberts at Fox Last September 22, 2013

Well here's Emma Roberts at FOX.  Just made me think I really want a girl who looks like her. =P

Emma Roberts Picture I Found as of September 26, 2013

Well here's hotness to the max for now.  She really looks gorgeous here. XD

The Foolish Delusion of Pinoys Gloating Over the Success of Their Fellow Filipinos

Well I'll admit there are great, talented Pinoys and I don't deny that but there are also stupid, non-talented Pinoys as much as stupid people exist in every race around the world.  It's a basic problem of Filipinos who tend to say, "Pinoys are a talented race." just because of the successes of great Pinoys like Lea Salonga-Chien, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid or they can name it, doesn't mean that stupid Pinoys don't exist.  There are always stupid people everywhere Pinoy or not.  Now here's a very good illustration of the delusion...

Well you might take it to Pinoys who just can't accept that they're NEVER going to be another Lea Salonga or Regine Velasquez then they assume they can be that great even if they lack the talent or hard work.  That is, people must accept what they are good at and what their limits are, not delude themselves to be all that.  In fact, it's not going to be racist of a Pinoy gets eliminated from his or her audition …

Some Degrees of "She's Hot" from Orientals and Caucasians

Well I had my thoughts on "she's hot" from the view of Orientals and Caucasians...

Apparently Orientals and Westerners can develop a taste for golden brown skinned girls namely among Filipinos and Latinas. In the case of Sayaka Akimoto, she's half-Japanese and half-Filipino.  Victoria Justice is half-America and half-Mexican.

You might want to talk about this that some white men tend to find attractive Oriental girls prettier than attractive American girls.  Here's me and Mr. Smith with our contrasting (but thankfully) non-conflicting opinions on Kimberly and Jasmine.  Hmmmm I'm Oriental and I prefer Kimberly and Mr. Smith is American and he prefers Jasmine.  In our common case, we both prefer Nanami over Tori.  Hmmm who says girls with tiny eyes can't be hot too?

Now here's a little bit of the "battle" of beauty of blondes vs. Caucasians.  I'll just admit that I'm a sucker for blonde hair and blue/green eyed girls.  I just thought t…

Incompetent Pinoys Abroad: Victims of Injustice or Victims of Selves?

It can't be denied that a lot of Filipinos are really what I'd call really becoming whiners whenever they are rightly hammered by just policies.  I would admit while some Pinoys have become victims of racism in some countries, however there are also some of them who tend to use the reality as an excuse even where racism doesn't exist.  How?  You might want to look at the average Filipino worker who was fired from abroad or placed to jail or worse comes to worst executed not for being Pinoy but for a real valid reason that they got their just desserts.  These valid reasons can range from sleeping during work, habitual tardiness, high absenteeism, attitude problem and stealing money to name a few.  Some have even been passed for the death penalty because they have done some major crimes themselves.  In fact, I feel it absolutely horrendously stupid that some Pinoys really deserved their sentences and yet in the name of nationalism, other Pinoys want to release them from jus…

Victoria Justice Picture I Found As of September 21, 2013

Well here's another of my favorite pictures.  Victoria Justice is really, really hot. =D

The Pinoy Pride Syndrome: Why It's NOT Helping the Philippines!

It really is practically disturbing and stupid how this "Filipino pride" isn't really helping the Philippines.  Now to cite some examples:

There is always the horrid double standard problem of Filipino society.  If you ask me, why is it A-OK to arrest a foreigner who offends in the Philippines YET they want to release Filipinos who are clearly guilty abroad?  What in the world is going on?  This is definitely a problem of Pinoy pride if you ask me.  How much stupidity is really hitting the Philippines are a DAILY BASIS?  In fact, the Flor Contemplacion film's "torture scene" is most likely a fabrication.  Singapore has been more straight and proper with its governance than the Philippines for the past decade or so.  Save the OFWs in death row when they deserve it?  If they deserved it, they deserved it!  In fact, the Philippines has been plagued with bad governance for a decade or so.  What they also happen to ignore is the reality that even their own fello…

Well Congratulations to Mighty No. 9!!!

Recently while I have a PS3 at home and as an owner, I am happy to hear of Mighty No. 9 and Keiji Inafune.  For one, the campaign goal has reached up to $2,224,848 in the campaign and yup, this is great news and Keiji Inafune has given Megaman a successor.  Just made me think, Capcom's screwing up on what they did by cancelling Megaman Legends 3 despite the strong campaign.  Now let's hope for the success of Mighty No. 9!

Some Values of the Filipino Pseudonationalist to Look Out For

Filipinos are one way or another stuck with some pseudonationalism.  Well here's some values of the Filipino pseudonationalist to look out for:

The Juan Tamad mentality.  This is all about free riding.  These are the people who want to take credit even when they do not contribute.  Some of them have relatives working abroad whom they leech on for money.  Others of this type are frequently absent.  While they don't work, all they do is have pleasure.

The little miss late mentality.  This is very irritating with the practice of simply not being on time which shows they're not honorable people.  It's no wonder why a lot of business contracts are so easily canceled.

The pretend to be sick type.  It's common for people to pretend to be sick to skip their responsibilities like some Filipino women are fond of exaggerating their monthly periods even when they have female superiors.

Prioritizing the less important things more the more important ones otherwise known as procr…

Destroying the Cobra Organization Isn't That Easy!

After three years since the passing away of the Cobra Commander as he was shot dead by G.I.Joe in his struggle to resist arrest in Pakistan, Destro took over.  Well the world hasn't seen the last of Cobra and Destro has managed to solidify the leadership.  Nobody should forget how cunning Destro really is with calling sporadic strikes against America in itself.  Apparently, the new leader has a more cunning mind considering he is a weapons dealer to the late founder of Cobra itself.  Remember that Cobra organization has ranges in many countries from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan and Syria to name a few.  Gone are the days when Cobra Commander used insanely stupid schemes (like who can forget him trying to carve his face on the moon), Destro is all about getting the job done right and the American army is facing a real cunning adversary who just solidified the Cobra organization.

My Silly Reason for Wanting to Catch Up with Megaforce

Well like it or not Sentai purists and PR purists, I am siding with neither of you. Hee hee and she's my silly reason to watch up with Megaforce. XD  Yup Ciara Hanna is really a load of hotness!

Homemade Chocolates as a Business Item

I was thinking that a passion for chocolates may become a business.  Well first, it does take some good research and a "distinct taste" towards chocolates though these may not be the mainline business.  Just my thought, some pre-sweetened chocolates, learning the cocoa-butter mix balance and some artistic decorations may allow one to start a small business with chocolates- of course DO NOT share any secret recipes online.  You might want to consider these steps:

For starters, trying to make some truffles might be a great idea.  Well one might consider selling them at an affordable price compared to industrialized chocolate.

In the dessert section, you might consider having a flavorful chocolate fondue dip if you're running a buffet.

So it does take a lot of practice but we can get it.

Happy Chocolate Day 2013!

Just my thought... I never realized until today that September 13 is world chocolate day.  Yup I am a chocoholic to the point I had a lot of cavities when I was younger.  Well good thing my chocolate addiction has come to a control though but still, it can't be helped that I love chocolates.  Now for some chocolatey pictures to celebrate...