Incompetent Pinoys Abroad: Victims of Injustice or Victims of Selves?

It can't be denied that a lot of Filipinos are really what I'd call really becoming whiners whenever they are rightly hammered by just policies.  I would admit while some Pinoys have become victims of racism in some countries, however there are also some of them who tend to use the reality as an excuse even where racism doesn't exist.  How?  You might want to look at the average Filipino worker who was fired from abroad or placed to jail or worse comes to worst executed not for being Pinoy but for a real valid reason that they got their just desserts.  These valid reasons can range from sleeping during work, habitual tardiness, high absenteeism, attitude problem and stealing money to name a few.  Some have even been passed for the death penalty because they have done some major crimes themselves.  In fact, I feel it absolutely horrendously stupid that some Pinoys really deserved their sentences and yet in the name of nationalism, other Pinoys want to release them from justice's sharp sword when they most deserved it.  I mean, think of all the damage they have done when they did those crimes which may have harmed other Pinoys in the process.

So are they victims of racism or selves?  Let me explain why most of the time, they can't be victims of racism.  Truth comes to truth, you have to realize how these countries don't only motion against incompetent Pinoys but also against their own countrymen who do the same things as I've mentioned.  Talk about in Singapore that some Singaporeans lose their jobs if they deserved it, some American companies fired some of their directors while keeping the Pinoy workers intact and that's definitely not racism.  But sadly, some Pinoys still tend to believe, "It's all racist, imperialists!  Anti-pinoy (insert nationality)!" but in this modern age, the problem is not racism towards Pinoys but Pinoys having a bad attitude and high Pinoy pride.  Some Pinoys have succeeded in Singapore, China, Malaysia and other progressive countries while others failed.  It's all not about being Pinoy, it's what kind of Pinoy they are that affects the whole cycle.

In my case, there is the Pinoy pride that they like to be proud of but they are proud of the bad things that Pinoys tend to get labeled for.  Some of these bad things are like the overacting attitude, the el hombre attitude, extravagance to the point they borrow money and never pay it back, being habitually late, bringing in gate crashers, procrastination and other bad values which they say make them "Filipino" but all that is not a positive contribution to true Filipino pride.  If those great Filipinos abroad had all that bad attitude of pseudo-nationalism, I don't think they would succeed.  I mean, I am proud of anybody who succeeds regardless of race and Pinoys are no exception to that.  However, when Pinoys would start accusing the country of being "racist" whenever they are reprimanded for their bad values, that's really nothing more than an excuse to resist what Pinoys need in order to improve further and to produce great Pinoys, not sloppy ones.