Some Degrees of "She's Hot" from Orientals and Caucasians

Well I had my thoughts on "she's hot" from the view of Orientals and Caucasians...

Apparently Orientals and Westerners can develop a taste for golden brown skinned girls namely among Filipinos and Latinas. In the case of Sayaka Akimoto, she's half-Japanese and half-Filipino.  Victoria Justice is half-America and half-Mexican.

You might want to talk about this that some white men tend to find attractive Oriental girls prettier than attractive American girls.  Here's me and Mr. Smith with our contrasting (but thankfully) non-conflicting opinions on Kimberly and Jasmine.  Hmmmm I'm Oriental and I prefer Kimberly and Mr. Smith is American and he prefers Jasmine.  In our common case, we both prefer Nanami over Tori.  Hmmm who says girls with tiny eyes can't be hot too?

Now here's a little bit of the "battle" of beauty of blondes vs. Caucasians.  I'll just admit that I'm a sucker for blonde hair and blue/green eyed girls.  I just thought that in my case, when a pretty woman is a natural blonde, I tend to get attracted to her more.

Then we can have the choice between Hispanics and Filipinos over the more yellow girls for whites.  In my case, I usually prefer Oriental girls (Chinese and Japanese) as an Oriental.  There's some cases of Caucasian males marrying Oriental females and others Hispanics and Filipinos.  In my opinion, I prefer Oriental girls over Filipino women and Hispanic girls.

There's the whites or Latinas for Orientals.  Well I'll just use my infatuation on Emma Roberts and Victoria Justice, both Nickelodeon girls though Emma Roberts now moving on higher and whether or not she'll do more adult films still remains to be seen.  Just my thought, as an Oriental I personally prefer Caucasian girls myself..

Though overall, this is all surface value. XP