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Classic Pamela Anderson Pictures for February 28, 2015

Such a priceless smile...

 Precious beauty...

Ciara Hanna Pictures at the Morphicon

Although I hate Megaforce (or Megafail) but I still have a spot for Ciara Hanna...
Lucky fan!

Fight pose time!

My Strange Dream of Marrying My High School Fling

I would admit that I did dream of marrying my high school fling and it was a pretty strange dream.  I dreamed of it more than once but I would talk based on what memory would allow me.  This dream was sort of triggered with my courtship with a Lady Deathstrike and my desire for revenge and a break-up with my ex-girlfriend who I remained friends with.  This of course, was really one of those dreams that take place in an even more obviously fantasy setting.

The whole dream can be considered like Batman marrying Poison Ivy or Wolverine marrying Viper.  In my own case, the real life kiss between me and her really intoxicated my will for some time.  In my dream, we were really getting married.  In the real life, she once asked me to marry her back as a teenager.

So how bad was the situation?  I was dating my ex-girlfriend for a short time but she tried to wreck the relationship.  Not soon after, I thought of using her as a tool of revenge.  In my dream, I accepted the proposal to marry h…

Victoria Justice Picture for February 24, 2015

Here's my favorite former Nickelodeon girl looking all gorgeous... she's really stunning in this photo!

Happy 22nd Birthday to My Favorite Former Nickelodeon Girl Victoria Justice

Well it's time to greet my favorite former Nickelodeon girl a happy birthday... =)

Satirical News: President Nobita Made Object of Ridicule This Chinese New Year!

The president's priceless reaction to criticisms!

President Nobita got a visit from the Chinese Embassy this Chinese New Year.  While attending the Chinese New Year's festivity, he was met with hostility by the Chinese consuls.  He was asked whether or not he would apologize for the botched hostage situation launched by the late Rolando Murderza.  He was also criticized for his mismanagement of the Special Armed Forces situation, how poorly equipped his military is compared to the Chinese Army.  He was reminded that he will not be allowed to enter into China until his term is over.

China's latest firecracker is now part of the Chinese New Year celebration!

During the Chinese New Year celebration, members of the Chinese consulate introduced the latest firecracker called "Goodbye Abnoy".  The Chinese New Year celebrations were done in China with "Goodbye Abnoys".  Various firecrackers were also sold to Filipinos who were fed up with President Nobita's …

My Strange Dream of Marrying My College Stalker

I remembered the time I had a College stalker for a year or two, I would admit she is hot but I was in love with some other person.  I could detect her as a patient stalker.  What I really thought was weird was when she claimed I was already her girlfriend.  What the?  The events leading between me and her led to a rather strange dream of me actually marrying her in a marriage of convenience. It was pretty much unusually stupid how the dream happened... it was just a dream right?

I find myself making a vow to someone, I am guilt ridden and everything.  Unlike my previous stalker, she didn't kiss me nor attempted to do so.  In that dream, she started to use her appeal like never before, even go to private moments.  She soon kissed me saying I have promised to marry her.  It resulted to a series of objections from everyone.  It was sort of like Wolverine's friends objecting to him marrying Viper.  Worse, I had to be honest with my feelings on the incident because I always consi…

Just Started Playing Super Street Fighter IV!

While I was hesitant to buy "Ultra" but I am pretty much got a bit of what I wanted.  Somebody gave me the game as an advanced birthday present.  I would admit that I started picking up the game and I would admit, although it misses Evil Ryu (since he was only at the Arcade Edition) but the game is still worth my pick.  So it's missing some characters but so what?  
I would admit that Super Street Fighter IV's fighting engine.  It brings back to a bit of nostalgia to the old Street Fighter series.  Like Super Street Fighter II Turbo, your characters only have one Super Move.  You also get the classic bash the car and bash the barrel game.  Some characters may play like their earlier versions of the game.  
The game also mixes new elements.  The Ultra Combo meter is filled only if you get hit which an Ultra Combo is a "revenge move" but I don't rely on it too much.  You can only pick one Ultra Combo for the whole game and you can only select another one…

My Dream of Being Married...

Well I did have another dream of marrying my friend who looks like Pamela Anderson but with a better ending, rather than screwing it up X-Men style.  I would admit I want to date her for a year or two then marry her.

In my dream of me dating her, we both started guessing what each other wanted.  We soon discussed about our relationship and eventually getting married.  We held a wedding where I invited some of my friends and high school mates.  Then I had my ex-girlfriend who's now married, my former rival (in here, he married the girl who resembles Haruka Suenaga) and my other former rival (who's still a womanizing bachelor).  It was time to close the book.

The wedding wasn't all so fancy but I soon accepted her for who she was on the inside.  Then I remembered my ex-girlfriend talking to me saying, "Well I couldn't forget how rush you were with girls but you finally found someone who you can love."  Me and my bride soon had our wedding set.  I wasn't m…

Satirical News: Tori Matsuzaka Ridicules Pinoy Rider on "Aiba Gakuen"

Tori Matsuzaka appeared at Hiroki Aiba's talk show to ridicule the show called "Pinoy Rider" which premiered last November 3, 2014 in response to GMA-7 airing Kamen Rider OOO.  The timeslot is shown every 6:00 P.M. at a daily basis.  At Aiba Gakuen, Pinoy Rider was ridiculed as the worst Filipino Tokusatsu made ever.

"Zaido was already bad, Pinoy Rider is just as bad.  Pinoy Rider is so bad a show that its ratings were so low they were forced to cancel it in less than a month.  it aired from November 3, 2014 but had to end at December 3, 2014 due to an unforeseen accident." said Tori Matsuzaka.

Hiroki Aiba played footage that showed how Pinoy Rider ended.  News footage from ABiaS-CBN's rival GMA-7 were presented.  The footage featured the set of Pinoy Rider blowing up before they could start the filming.  It was also the very reason why Kris Aquino suffered an allergy reaction.  She wanted to take an anti-depressant but took the wrong medicine instead caus…

My Bizarre Dream of Having Been Married and Screwing It Up... X-Men Style!

Nothing felt more bizarre about me getting married... or so I thought.  This of course created some kind of weird tension.  I could start with a bit of my dream and how weird it was...

I dreamed of running into my friend who looks like Pamela Anderson and that she was meant for me.  But as soon I come in, she readily accepts dating and eventual marriage.  This of course started a bit of weird interactions like Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor.  She guesses my favorite foods or my favorite stuff.  Not so long after, I decided to propose to her after we managed to get a separate house for our own.  We discussed about our marriage plans and everything, in fact we had a one year relationship and decided to get married because we had know each other for some time.

The wedding for me wasn't exactly grand but I invited a lot of my former schoolmates.  I felt like the need to invite my ex-girlfriend and two of my former rivals who had become three important people in my life.  However my ex-gi…

My Thoughts on "Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lampreys"

I just watched Blood Lake where Ciara Hanna sheds off her image as a Nickelodeon girl, no longer a Power Ranger but a girl in a more mature role.  She plays as Nicole, a typical teenager who has parental issues.  Now for the plot... it involves the overpopulation of these bloodsuckers called lampreys.  When they are out of food and the ecological balance is destroyed, they start to attack humans.   Normally lampreys don't attack humans unless they are starved and this is where things get really scary.

No movie is ever complete without some internal conflict.  Yes, Nicole's father is a marine expert and he is hired by some stupid mayor (played by Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future) to get rid of the lampreys.  The mayor is pretty stupid not to take the lamprey problem seriously or to think it can be easily taken care of in a day.  Fortunately, the stupid mayor gets his comeuppance while some characters die from lamprey attacks, the film does have a certain degree of mer…

My Thoughts on Currently Rewatching MMPR Season One

So I'm rewatching some MMPR on Youtube (before Toei and Saban shoots it down) and I'm having some of my memories and discovering my change of opinions:

Acting of the cast is okay.  Most of them are starters and yet they can pull out the job.  My only different stance is I prefer Amy Jo Johnson's acting over Reiko Chiba's.  They had the charm for me back in 1993 but lately, I end up rewatching Zyuranger at a faster pace.  That's because for me, Zyuranger had better writing, characterization and execution.

Somehow I think MMPR's dubbing of Bandora into Rita was bad voiceover IMO.  Maybe it's because I've seen Zyuranger from start to end AND Soga Machiko does a better job.  So Soga Machiko did re-dub her scenes.  Now what I always thought was that Soga Machiko's acting is way better.

As a child, I used to find Bulk and Skull funny but now they are just annoying.  To be honest, Kimberly was just lucky that MMPR is rated TV-Y7-FV OR she might have actual…

My Crazy Remedy After Power Rangers Mega-Fail and Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger!

No doubt Power Rangers Megaforce was Mega-Fail with bad writing, mostly bad acting (Christina Masterson gets the raspberry award for it) and so on.  I always had a thought I had some crazy remedy after that terrible, terrible hangover.  It was Kyoruger and Mega-Fail... I can agree with Shogo to why Kyoryuger makes dinosaurs glad they're dead.  Moving on, I had some crazy remedy... and well ToQGer is watchable compared to Kyoryuger and Mega-Fail.

Due to Power Rangers Megaforce being a season with eye candy but horrid failure and I didn't find the Gokai girls all that eye-pleasing (hehehehe), I rewatched some Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.  Yes the show has far more decent eye candy than Megaforce.  I skipped Samurai for being a cheap knock-off that looks like it was a bootleg film even if... it had the rights.

Another remedy I have is watching Abaranger.  I might write a respond article to Shogo soon on the matter.  My planned article is called, "Abaranger Makes Dinosaurs Wish…

I'm Also Rewatching MMPR Season One While Watching Abaranger... SO WHAT?!

As a Super Sentai fan, I am annoyed at the whole Super Sentai/Power Rangers war which I hate to admit it, my thinking with my heart instead of my head made me write the disaster SS vs. PR fic (which I'll use as a time machine from time to time to see my mistakes to avoid them from reaching my other planned fics).  On the other hand, I'm going to say I am rewatching MMPR.  Does that make me a traitor to Super Sentai fandom?  Absolutely not!

So I'll admit a thing or two.  I like Zyuranger better than MMPR Season One.  For me, it's much better writing-wise and overall.  There's no questions asked for a Super Sentai fan (but not a die-hard one) that I like Super Sentai more than Power Rangers.  I like Zyuranger better as the superior show.  But does that mean I cannot like Power Rangers?  No, no and no.  Maybe right now I'm neutral on the franchise thanks to Mr. Krabs' current status but, I can still go against its unfair hatred.  I know a lot of Toei is supe…

What Valentine's Days Meant For Me and My Former Fling!

I always thought it was unusual how my former fling had a short-term obsession with me. I mean she knew I courted both my former girlfriend and my former girlfriend's friend at the same time. I wonder if she was really in for a dangerous game when she pursued me back as a teenager. I always thought it was a dangerous game between me and her. Nothing was really healthy about the attraction especially when I'll dare say, although she was air-headed but it didn't mean she was totally air-headed. She knew her physical assets very well which could have resulted in an affair.

How would I describe that relationship in the past? I would call it a dangerous game. You can compare it to Batman and Poison Ivy. I would even compare her to Poison Ivy because of her physical attributes and her inner character. She's pretty as a daisy but watch out man she's crazy. She's Poison Ivy minus the literal poison. However she could poison my mind with her appeal and during the time …

I Salute Juday's Brave Criticism Against President Nobita!

Although Juday (Judy Ann Santos) has made a brave move to criticize the irresponsibility of President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino.  One must really think that while President Obama cancels schedule to meet returned bodies of fallen troops, President Nobita refused to do so and pushed through with the Mitsubishi Plant inauguration.  The whole issue is Mitsubishi's factory is not as important as the 44 dead SAF soldiers.  What kind of a president would ignore that?  Just think even Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo had MUCH BETTER dignity in spite of corruption charges, to meet the fallen bodies of soldiers.  Even Sherap Estrada has better brains than President Nobita!
While I would admit that President Nobita did declare a national day of mourning for the slain soldiers BUT I cannot deny his stupidity.  So what if he was invited to the Mitsubishi plant inauguration?  Meeting the returned bodies of fallen troops is FAR MORE IMPORTANT than attending an inauguration of a…