My Dream of Being Married...

Well I did have another dream of marrying my friend who looks like Pamela Anderson but with a better ending, rather than screwing it up X-Men style.  I would admit I want to date her for a year or two then marry her.

In my dream of me dating her, we both started guessing what each other wanted.  We soon discussed about our relationship and eventually getting married.  We held a wedding where I invited some of my friends and high school mates.  Then I had my ex-girlfriend who's now married, my former rival (in here, he married the girl who resembles Haruka Suenaga) and my other former rival (who's still a womanizing bachelor).  It was time to close the book.

The wedding wasn't all so fancy but I soon accepted her for who she was on the inside.  Then I remembered my ex-girlfriend talking to me saying, "Well I couldn't forget how rush you were with girls but you finally found someone who you can love."  Me and my bride soon had our wedding set.  I wasn't marrying her to gloat to my arch-rival or to get revenge on an unrequited romance, no, I was marrying her because I truly loved her.  Soon we set to having our own family complete.

It was time... soon she got pregnant with a son.  However I showed I was the usual moody guy who was easily irritated.  In spite of our differences, we kept trying to work things out.  All I could do was soon reopen the book of my past, remembering the women of my life... and how I landed into her.  I realized that her inner beauty was the most important as soon as I saw myself and her aging gracefully with our children growing up.