Just Started Playing Super Street Fighter IV!

While I was hesitant to buy "Ultra" but I am pretty much got a bit of what I wanted.  Somebody gave me the game as an advanced birthday present.  I would admit that I started picking up the game and I would admit, although it misses Evil Ryu (since he was only at the Arcade Edition) but the game is still worth my pick.  So it's missing some characters but so what?  

I would admit that Super Street Fighter IV's fighting engine.  It brings back to a bit of nostalgia to the old Street Fighter series.  Like Super Street Fighter II Turbo, your characters only have one Super Move.  You also get the classic bash the car and bash the barrel game.  Some characters may play like their earlier versions of the game.  

The game also mixes new elements.  The Ultra Combo meter is filled only if you get hit which an Ultra Combo is a "revenge move" but I don't rely on it too much.  You can only pick one Ultra Combo for the whole game and you can only select another one if you lose the match.  It also has the Focus Attack which allows you to perform damage while you are damaged.  EX Special Moves return from Street Fighter III.  I am still trying to get used to tehm.

In terms of gameplay, people know that I am a Ryu fan.  Yes, Ryu... so I can do without Evil Ryu.  I would admit that my first playthrough was with Ryu and using the Metsuu Hadoken as my Ultra Combo.  I would admit that I needed to try easy first to learn the mechanics.  And I would admit that the final boss Seth is REALLY annoying.  I haven't tried using Seth yet but Seth is annoying to the point it took me TEN continues before I beat the bastard.

So I'll try to hone my skills... and follow the path of Ryu!