My Thoughts on Currently Rewatching MMPR Season One

So I'm rewatching some MMPR on Youtube (before Toei and Saban shoots it down) and I'm having some of my memories and discovering my change of opinions:

Acting of the cast is okay.  Most of them are starters and yet they can pull out the job.  My only different stance is I prefer Amy Jo Johnson's acting over Reiko Chiba's.  They had the charm for me back in 1993 but lately, I end up rewatching Zyuranger at a faster pace.  That's because for me, Zyuranger had better writing, characterization and execution.

Somehow I think MMPR's dubbing of Bandora into Rita was bad voiceover IMO.  Maybe it's because I've seen Zyuranger from start to end AND Soga Machiko does a better job.  So Soga Machiko did re-dub her scenes.  Now what I always thought was that Soga Machiko's acting is way better.

As a child, I used to find Bulk and Skull funny but now they are just annoying.  To be honest, Kimberly was just lucky that MMPR is rated TV-Y7-FV OR she might have actually had been groped by Skull.  To be honest, Skull's lustful advances on Kimberly are not even funny for me anymore.  Even as a child, I felt sorry for Kimberly being stalked by Skull.  Plus, I felt like Bulk and Skull hardly contribute to anything to the show which gives me an instant bias.  If Skull were in Zyuranger or Dairanger, he'd totally regret his perversity.

On the other hand, it's a guilty trip with Kimberly.  Hehehehehehe!