My Bizarre Dream of Having Been Married and Screwing It Up... X-Men Style!

Nothing felt more bizarre about me getting married... or so I thought.  This of course created some kind of weird tension.  I could start with a bit of my dream and how weird it was...

I dreamed of running into my friend who looks like Pamela Anderson and that she was meant for me.  But as soon I come in, she readily accepts dating and eventual marriage.  This of course started a bit of weird interactions like Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor.  She guesses my favorite foods or my favorite stuff.  Not so long after, I decided to propose to her after we managed to get a separate house for our own.  We discussed about our marriage plans and everything, in fact we had a one year relationship and decided to get married because we had know each other for some time.

The wedding for me wasn't exactly grand but I invited a lot of my former schoolmates.  I felt like the need to invite my ex-girlfriend and two of my former rivals who had become three important people in my life.  However my ex-girlfriend (who's now married) said that she hopes that I would treat my wife well.

After the wedding night, I was soon expecting her to get pregnant on our honeymoon.  After a month or so, she was soon confirmed pregnant with a son.  I could care less if I have a son or a daughter, we had a son.  Not long enough, the dream was sort of I was Cyclops, she was Madelyne Pryor and things were getting complicated.

Not long after did I soon discover news that my real first crush was still single and available.  It wasn't helping things I already had a wife and a son that time.  My circle was complete but I wanted to return to the past.  Not long after, I dated her without letting her know that I was married until my wedding picture was uncovered... and revealing from my wallet I had a wife and a son.  She could only say that I'm married and I need to go back to my wife.  Then I saw visions of the Phoenix... wait I was practically in X-Men?!  Not surprising, I was always in shades in that dream because I was Cyclops!

But not long after, things started to get Sinister (pun intended).  So I knew it was just a dream because my former best friend showed up, revealing himself to be Mr. Sinister.  Not long after did I learn that my wife was actually a clone of my real first crush, that she was created as a failed experiment years ago and only later, she was awakened.  She was given full life by the Phoenix, I soon married her and we had a son.  Either way, my archenemy won when the child was produced.  The child had the potential to rock the world being a very powerful mutant, that may soon defeat the ancient menace known as Apocalypse.

What was worse was that my wife soon became the Goblin Queen.  My former rival soon turned out to be my brother (huh) and nothing was more complicated than that.  The incident known as Inferno appeared, which I couldn't reconcile with my wife leading me to some well-deserved butthurt thanks to my infidelity.